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Coat & Pants – Monki /

Shirt & Shoes – Second hand

Bag – Damor Doma

Monday/ Shoot


Stefan was shooting Ringo in his apartment the other day. The ceiling is high, there’s lots of light and the walls are white so this room pretty much works as a studio.  Marius fixed Ringo’s hair to perfection of course, and I took a few  snaps of it all.



















The sun really fools me at this time of the year! It actually looked like spring outside the other day, however it was still freezing cold. Went out for a walk anyway, in my best bomber and nike socks.
Skirt – Monki /
Shoes – Vagabond

 Shot by Stefan Dotter




For most people, having bad skin is something that really puts down your self confidence. I never really had problems with my skin until I was 15 years old. But then I started getting a chronic skin disease called Rosacea, which is a form of eczema. For two years it was as bad as when you actually search for “rosacea” on Google; red skin with blisters, pus, and big wounds all over my face.
At first, I went to the normal skin doctor and had them look at it. They gave me lots antibiotics and skin creams that just didn’t help at all (sometimes it could even make it worse).
Here’s the point where many give up.
Normal doctors are usually brainwashed by the medical industry and end up caring more about the money than actually taking care of the patient. Many times they just give you something that might calm the problem for some time, but not long term. No one should end up taking antibiotics for the rest of their lives, that’s why we must think a little outside of the box.
For me, it was too hard to cope with having Rosacea. I just had to find a different solution. That’s when me and my family were recommended to try alternative medicine (aka go to a herb doctor, nature doctor).

I then made an appointment with Sandra Bergström at >> Erik Bergström AB Vitamindoctor <<  I HIGHLY recommend going to Sandra, for anyone of you who live in Gothenburg and has any type of skin problems, or other problems for that matter. She is such a lovely person and a real lifesaver for all sorts of things.
Sandra first took a sample of my blood, and then showed it to me on a screen through a microscope. She then gave me a perfectly logical explanation about why my skin does what it does, with the help of just looking closely at my blood. My blood cells had after years of stress, clumped themselves together so that it got really hard for them to bring nutrients out to my skin.
After finding the problem, she then knew exactly which minerals and vitamins I was lacking, and then explained how the whole process would work.
I started by taking papaya supplements everyday for two months and it slowly  separated and freed my blood cells from each other. During this period, my skin got extremely bad, since it was cleansing out all the bad stuff that had been stocking up in there.
After two months, I went back and saw my blood cells on the screen again. This time they were floating around freely like little coins, and they were finally able to properly reach out to the surface of my skin. This is when I started taking the mineral called Zinc. This mineral is very important for MANY things in our bodies (for example acne, the immune system, pregnancy etc). You can read more about the benefits of  Zinc here.

I think about two more weeks passed and my skin was suddenly close to flawless! Almost all signs of the Rosacea was gone and my skin looked healthy again. I could hardly believe myself that a treatment this easy, painless and natural would help me so much. After this I’ve been very passionate about this topic and have tried to pass it on to the people around me with skin problems.
Sadly, many still have a skeptic attitude to natural medicine and are too lazy to actually try something new.
All I can say is, (probably sounding like one of those people on Tv-Shop desperately trying to sell skin-treatments),
IT REALLY DOES WORK. At least it did for me, and I am a living proof of it.
Saying that though, I know we are all different and something that works for one person might not work in the same way for someone else. But just don’t say “I’ve tried everything” until you’re absolutely sure that you have!
So for three more years now I have taken both Zinc and Papaya pills everyday, along with some other good vitamins, and my skin stays perfectly fine. It’s not always flawless; it gets better during summer and worse in the winter, and when I have a lazy period where I forget to take my pills for a longer time, it can get worse again. However, it’s all still worth so much to me and I really hope natural medicine will get more attention and appreciation in the future.
Both Papaya supplements and Zinc are available at pretty much any health care shop and usually you can also buy them from the nature doctor you choose to go to. If you have these problems, don’t be afraid to do some research, and feel free to ask me questions regarding this topic! I’m happy to share more of my experience.








Here’s a little sneek peek of my new American Apparel jeans /
Not so long ago, I started getting out of my skirt-and-tights comfort-zone that I had for so many years, and bought a pair of pants. This pair was pretty much the only pants I owned except for a three year old pair of black cheap mondays that were just molding in the back of my wardrobe.
They however, have now shown me that wearing pants actually feels pretty decent and that not every single pair makes me look like a long-legged clown.

Therefor I am now happily extending my pant-collection, starting with the perfect pair of blue high-waist jeans.




Broccoli and cashew soup

Roasted carrot, chickpea + harissa dip



Mediterranean Flatbread



Cauliflower and roasted Garbanzo

Sweet potato fries
My interest for food is always growing and nowadays there are almost too many recipes out there that I’m dying to try. Being a foodlover and a vegetarian leaves a lot of room for creativity, and it’s really not that hard to make the most amazing and interesting dishes with just a few healthy ingredients.
Above are some veggie recipes I looked in to today, and you can see more foodinspiration on my pinterest here.