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I totally forgot to show you guys the recipe for this amazing asia-infused carrot soup! Made this one a while ago and it was actually one of those times where you have nothing at home but work with what you’ve got and it turns out really good in the end. Love when that happens. Because this one is so yum, and simple.
What you need:
Coconut milk
Sesame oil
Topping: I chose sunflower seeds and flaxseeds
What you do:
Peel, clean and chop up the carrots. Cook them until they are soft together with garlic, some salt and herbs of your choice. Then put it all in a blender (take away some of the water otherwise the soup will be too thin) together with coconut milk, ginger, sesame oil, cilantro and some lime juice.
Add salt/pepper the way you like it. Done! This spicy and creamy soup is a real boost to the immune system and is perfect for when you’re home and feeling sick.







Now they are finally here, my new Ace & Tate glasses. I’ve been wearing contacts for many years now but for some reason, my eyes are getting more and more dry, to the point where I can no longer use my contacts. So now I decided it’s time to be kind to my eyes and find a pair of glasses that I feel comfortable wearing a bit more often.
For me, finding a good pair is definitely easier said than done. But then I heard that Ace & Tate were opening a pop-up store here in Berlin, so I thought I would go there and check it out. Took me about 3 minutes to find (and fall in love with) this pair on the photos above. The model is called ‘Easton – Desert Camel’ and has a light, transparent beige-colored frame.
The great thing is that they match perfectly with pretty much any type of clothing (and they also look pretty swell together with whisky and bonsai-trees, am I right?)
I’ll show you all soon what they look like when wearing them, stay tuned. x






After a few failed attempts of trying to make the “renowned chiapudding”, I finally found a new recipe that worked.
(Towards the end it was more about me being stubborn and wanting to succeed, than actually eating the pudding).

Most people make chiapudding with coconut milk, but it has a tendency to make me feel a bit nauseous so I prefer using normal milk.
What you need:
Chia seeds
Milk (any sort of your choice)
What you do:
Mix the seeds in a bowl or glass along with the milk and a small amount of honey. Make sure to use a good amount of seeds, otherwise it won’t turn in to a pudding. Keep the mixture next to you during the next hour and keep stirring a little now and then until it thickens.
Then put it in the fridge and leave it for at least one hour.
The variation of chiapudding is endless, so just choose your favorite toppings.
For this one I made it simple with frozen raspberries and coconut flakes!













Grey coat & Black Culotte pants from COS /
Jewelry – Ming Yu Wang
+ White Vans

Shot by Stefan Dotter









Last week my parents were visiting me here in Berlin, which amongst other things meant a lot of good food and exploring Berlins culinary scene. Since food is one of my main interests in life, this was definitely one of the best ways to spend my days off work.
Besides that it was great having some family-time and getting updated on life back home in Sweden. The great thing about moving to another country is that you really start appreciating things that you might have taken for granted before (Mum’s cooking for example). It’s  never the actual city where I’m from that I miss the most, but the people in it.
After running around Berlin for a whole day in constantly changing weather (rain, sun, snow, hael, sun, clouds, rain), we decided to spend Friday evening at a restaurant called Lokal. With its modern german kitchen, great reviews and beautiful bright interior, this was an easy choice.
Lokal is located in Mitte on the corner of a quiet street. It has no sign outside and looks like any normal building, but as soon as you open the door (after a few moments of feeling lost) you step inside and know that you’re in the right place.
The menu is pretty small but very thought-through. All of these typical Berliner dishes comes with a modern twist and are produced with high quality raw ingredients. I had one of the vegetarian options of course, the “sourdough cakes with carrots, beetroots, field salad, poached egg and goat cheese.
We were all very satisfied and pretty stuffed afterwards. Unfortunately I was so hungry to the point where I forgot to document the food, so I guess you all just have to go there and see for yourselves!