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DSCF0596Yesterday I joined two of my favorite “berlin-swedes” Ebba and Siri for the Gap x Zalando event in Friedrichain. After quite a wobbly ride with our bikes through the busy streets of Berlin, we arrived at this old industrial building where we received some drinks and snacks and got to check out the new collection.
DSCF0585 DSCF0597DSCF0598
DSCF0607We then headed out to the sunny courtyard for some kickass barbeque, including grilled hallomi, salmon, mixed beans, shrimps and strawberry-mozarella salad. Let’s just say we were in food heaven.




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There was also a Frozen Yogurt bar where we chose our own toppings, and a photobooth (we now have a bunch of photos of us three either laughing hysterically or half-blinking).
We all agreed that this was one of the better events we’ve been to, and then biked our way home during sundown.












Last month me and Stefan went to his hometown Bamberg in the south of Germany. It was 25 degrees when we arrived and I suddenly felt like I had gone on vacation to some little Italian countryside village. We spent the days riding on Stefan’s Vespa through the narrow streets, strolling around by the canal with Italian ice cream and ice coffees, and sunbathing on his roof terrace. I do like a good cliché.
Besides being an incredibly beautiful and idyllic town, so is the nature that surrounds it. One of the days we woke up early and decided to do some hiking, so we took the car and drove an hour outside of Bamberg to the the highest hill.
I was so ecstatic to be out in the nature after too many months of just seeing big Berlin buildings.
At the top we did some yoga stretches and meditation, and then sat down for some proper German food at the hilltop restaurant.
All and all a very good start of the day. I’m always surprised at how good I feel doing things like this. Being active and breathing fresh air out in the nature really is something that more of us should do now and then. Especially when living in big cities you tend to forget how beautiful and soothing it can be.



#1  Look – ALL WHITE
It’s safe to say that this is the best alternative to go with during summer, since “all black” is not an option in the heat.

White is no doubt my favorite color (or non-color) so I’ll definitely go for this one. Except for any situation that involves grass-stains.

#2 Destination – ICELAND
Iceland has been in the top of my travel list now for quite some time. Hopefully I can make it happen this year. Explore the nature, culture, go horseback riding and swim in the hot springs.

#3 Item – THE BAG
In summer I’m a lot more active than during the rest of the year, and therefor carrying a lot more stuff around. I’m also very good at loosing things. So for me it’s quite important to have a bulletproof and spacious bag with me all the time, where you can put necessary things like a water bottle, mosquito spray, and that extra sweater for cooler summer nights.
Speaking of all white, I’m very much in love with the one above from Philip Lim, together with a pair of white Birkenstocks.

#4 Food – ICE CREAM
I can’t deny that Ice cream is my all-time favorite snack/dessert. Summer is the best excuse to have it erryday. Like these Cookie butter / Nutella ice creams. Yum.
#5 Goals – STRONGER
At the moment I’m definitely not the strongest of the bunch, but would really like to change that. I tend to work out more in the summer since I naturally have more energy, and this year I’m especially planning to get even more into yoga. This form of workout fits my body and mind very well since it makes me stronger, more flexible and also works as stress-relief.
Another goal this summer is to finally get my tattoo. But more on that another time.












Here’s a proper look at my new dress from Just Female. Casual, simple and comfortable.
Paired up with adidas sneakers and a minimal watch from Larsson & Jennings.


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Since Berlin has started to wake up after a long winter sleep, there has been a lot more going on around here. It really is a whole different city during this time of the year. As promised, here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve been up to lately.

We were invited to the launch event for Veuve Clicquot Rich. Right now they are developing the product to make it more fun, versatile and more suitable for anyone, not just rich and fancy people. They had built up lots of lovely little hangouts in a big bright studio in Prenzlauer berg, with booths where you could mix your champagne with different flavors like fruit, vegetables or tea.
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They also handed out free mini-burgers (a major crowd-pleaser) and of course there was a great vegetarian option with aubergine and goat cheese.
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I was wearing all black/white and my new Ace & Tate glasses.
Sipping on champagne with grapefruit and earl grey – surprisingly good combo.

Received this little gift from Larsson & Jennings. So excited to show you guys what’s in the box.
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Two snaps in my nowadays bright and sunny bedroom. Wearing my loose black pants and this cosy oversize sweater from Monki.


When my mum visited me in Berlin she brought me some of her home made seed crips bread. It’s gluten free and absolutely amazing. Almost a bit addictive. I’ll make sure to post the recipe for these soon.
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Spent a few afternoons with my star Natalie. We’ve know each other for a couple of years now and I was so ecstatic when she said she would move to Berlin. Right now she’s here to study media for half a year, but of course also to experience the kick ass Berlin summer.
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I’ve been more focused on getting proper exercise (both for body and mind), doing a lot of yoga, meditation. Also going for runs and walks in Victoria park which is located 5 minutes from my place. It’s the most beautiful park on a hill with a waterfall running through it and a tower on the top with a view over Kreuzberg (Big tip if you’re visiting Berlin!).

Made Lentil Burritos for lunch with feta cheese, aubergine mousse, sunflower seeds and avocado. SO YUM.
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Have been hanging out a bit on the rooftop terrass at Soho House. This is really the perfect spot for sunny days, even though it’s still been a bit too cold and cloudy to be laying on the sunbeds or swimming in the pool. To be continued.

Coffee date with Nils from the t-shirt brand Over & Under, at a lovely café called Nano.
I will tell you more about O&U and the t-shirts soon.
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Hanging out with these two boys. Ringo and Nico at Bikini Berlin. I promise, they are both much more sweet and innocent than they look.

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And a morning coffee with Stefan at Bonanza, one of my favorite cafés in Berlin.
Top score on both the interior and the coffee. I really wouldn’t mind being a regular there.
This week I’m leaving my current job to go in a very different direction. So there’s definitely a lot to be excited about.



I was at my hairdresser the other day to keep working on my mission I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to hair and prefer to leave it as it is, natural, without heating and without any hair products.
Occasionally a ponytail when it’s warm outside or just a quick bun. But there are actually a few really simple hairstyles that I’ve started to try out lately.
I’ve collected a few of my favorites here, for example the top knot on the photo above.

Messy maiden-like twisted low pony

Hair down with low messy curls

High ponytail

And a low straight pony.
Besides that, I went to see my hairdresser Maya at Sassoon the other day. We’re working on changing my hair from frizzy-bleach to letting my natural dark blonde color grow out, together with blonde, healthy highlights.
The result is still not perfect since my roots have just started to grow out, but I think it’s definitely going in the right direction. I’ve been so inpatient and unkind to my hair during the last couple of years (more like since I was 11 years old) so now it’s time to finally do it the proper way.
There are so many things changing right now that it’s hard to keep up. Hopefully only changes for the better, and I’m getting excited about a lot of new projects, ideas and plans for the future. The great thing is that the blog will be a part of the journey and soon I will let you guys in on more of my everyday life here.











A black & white Bauhaus series of this very simple but lovely grey dress from COS.
Paired up with white vans, sunglasses from Monki and jewelry from Ming Yu Wang.
During hot summer days it doesn’t really need to be more complicated than that.
Shot by Stefan Dotter




Best piece of clothing right now:
My new dress from Just Female. It has a deep v-neck and such a loose, comfy feeling to it.

One of the best things about summer is wearing the type of dresses that you can just quickly through on with a pair of sneakers and then you’re good to go. This one will definitely be my all-summer-favorite. Find it here.

Best food right now:
Vietnamese summer rolls is something I’ve been making a lot at home lately. It works  so well both as a snack or a lighter dinner, and they are also pretty fun to fiddle with. I chose to make simple ones with carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, avocado and cilantro, and a soy-dip on the side. You can make it more filling by adding things like fried tofu or noodles. Here’s another great recipe.


Best item right now:
Got myself a copy of Cereal Magazine’s newest issue. I find this magazine very easy to like and I always enjoy browsing through the pages with its simple but beautiful photography and layout.
Especially loved this issue since they did a city guide of Melbourne, which takes me back to when I used to live there and the crazy half year I spent in Australia. Melbourne coffee, Great ocean road, and the State library of Victoria where I used to sit on the grass and read my books. Read more about Volume 9 here.