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After being home in Gothenburg for ten days, I took the train to Stockholm for a week to visit a few friends. Since I’m moving there in the end of summer, I felt like it could be good to just get a feeling of what I want my life there to be like. I’ve spent quite some time in Stockholm before and it has always been one of my favorite cities in the world, especially in the summer.
It really is an incredibly beautiful city with all its dusty pastel facades, trees and nature everywhere, ocean right at your feet and lots of good restaurants and cafes. Most things I ask for in a city actually. Stayed with Lina for a few days and when she had to leave Stockholm, I spent the rest of the time at Ingrid’s place. Two very kick ass girls to be sure. Here are some snaps from the past week.


Spent a lot of the time just walking around in the sunshine and getting a bit lost (my sense of direction is not the best). Ended up at Grandpa, one of my favorite stores in Sweden. They sell everything that a Hipster needs in life.

Wore my white airy pants, superstars and my favorite Weekday sweater.



Went to a street food market by the river and had this amazing pita wrap with hallomi and fries (!) inside <3

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Spent as much time as I could by the sea, sunbathing, playing boardgames and drinking ice coffees.





Went to the Kobolt mag x Paper light mag release party, to say hi to Frida who is one of the creators behind Paper Light, and of course to see the result of the magazine.

There was a whole bunch of people there browsing through the gallery and sitting on the pavement drinking beer. Here’s Nim and Ingrid caught up in a deep discussion about Paradise hotel.

Got my hands on a copy of Paper Light where Nim is on the cover.

In the end of the week I met up with Frida properly for a coffee in the park. We spoke about how it is to live in Stockholm, long distance relationships, working creatively and about what plans we have for the summer.

After the coffee we met up with Frida’s boyfriend Matthew and some friends of theirs, and went to a day-party at Berns. Here’s Frida and Matthew all cuddled up.
Besides all this, I spent some time with my two darlings Sanne and Susanna, went for dinner at my cousins place, danced to hip hop all night, stayed up watching Bridget Jones with Ingrid, and had awesome falafel at “Falafel baren”. All and all a perfect week in the capitol.



Recently I decided that I need to treat myself to a real vacation this summer. Get away for a bit, get some sun in my face, spend some time just relaxing, surrounded by sea and nature, to take care of my body and rest my mind away from the hectic city life.
I had heard a lot of good things about Croatia (not JUST because most of Game of Thrones is set there), and about how incredibly beautiful it is there pretty much all year around.
So now the tickets are booked! In July, me and Stefan will fly from Berlin to Dubrovnik, then make our way through the country, along the coast, to all the different little towns, and of course visit some of the amazing national parks.
Can’t even explain how much I’m looking forward to this. Two whole weeks of beaches, waterfalls, forests, stony alleyways, and most importantly; lots of good food.  To get some color on my skin, to walk around with salty wet hair, in thin and flowing layers.
Yes, I’m almost jealous of myself. But the best thing is that my camera will be with me all the time and I will get to (yay) share the adventure with you all!






DSCF0917   DSCF0937

DSCF0940  DSCF0929DSCF0930

A very casual and cosy outfit for the typical Scandinavian summer weather, when it’s both warm and cold at the same time.
White knit and pants from Monki
+ Adidas sneakers and jewelry from Ming Yu Wang.



Coming home, when it’s finally summer and the whole of Sweden turns in to something very different. Unfortunately I had some bad luck and got sick as soon as I got home (this always happens when I go on airplanes) and had to stay in bed for a few days.
But occasionally I’ve been sitting outside on our house terrace, sipping on home made apple juice and looking at all the flowers, plants and foods that grow in our garden. There really is something calming about being somewhere so familiar.




Look at our little greenhouse! It’s actually a dream of mine to live in one, similar to this for example.
Some other things you can do when you’re at home with a cold
1# Make a face mask to wake up a tired and feverish face. My skin is generally a bit sensitive to most things, but I found a good recipe that doesn’t irritate (I only used organic ingredients which is a plus). Mix avocado, dry oats and almond milk together with some honey and coconut oil, until it’s a sticky, porridge-like mixture.
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2# Skype-sessions with people you miss. Here is a moment when me and Stefan were skyping. I call it a “minimalist skype-session” since both of us were absent from the screen (He was getting breakfast and I was half-dead in bed)

3# Constantly snacking on mum’s home made crisp bread, or “knäckebröd” as we Swedes call it. These ones are so incredibly yum, better than any other versions I’ve tried actually. And the best thing is: they are completely gluten free and vegan!
More great things do to:
– Brows cute animal photos on Pinterest. Find my CUTE folder here.
– Watch documentaries, for example the incredibly interesting one I watched the other day, about the truth of Scientology. It’s called Going Clear: Scientology and the prison of belief and is so worth watching!
(Ni i Sverige kan se den direkt på Svt Play här)
Besides this, I’ve also managed running around town a bit, going for coffees with friends, going to events and sitting in parks. Tomorrow I go to Stockholm for a week to visit some friends and hopefully to just hang around in the sunshine, now that I feel well again. So excited about going back there, and also about the rest of the summer! Even more good things ahead to show you all.





Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a text to get you excited about getting fit for beach 2015. It’s a text about something that is very important to me, something that I want to make clear to all of you out there who follow me. I find it hard to properly put into words, and most of the time I just want to shout that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, JUST THE WAY WE ARE. But since this subject goes way deeper than that, I will give it a try to at least tell you my side of it all.

Most of you are young females, but this text is directed to anyone who reads, female, male or anything in between. We all have our own bodies and we are all affected by the ideal body images that constantly surrounds us in today’s society.

This is a text about just that, along with a series of photos of me and my body, just as it is, without any retouching.

To begin with, I will explain how I started getting the wrong idea of my body.


I grew up in a family with a big passion for food, both what is considered healthy and unhealthy. As a child I was naturally skinny and very active, with a high digestive system. Therefore I had a bigger appetite than anyone I knew and could easily eat like a full grown man. I loved everything that had to do with food and tried pretty much anything without complaining.

When I was 15 years old, I joined a model agency in Sweden. Summer had just started and my agency told me that if I lost a certain amount of centimeters around my hips, they would send me to Milan for a month of modelling. Before this I had never really thought about my body, if I was too big or too small. Of course I had realized that I was starting to get a bit more curvy and womanly, but my body was my body, and I was just the way I was.

Suddenly I was on the treadmill everyday with the mission to burn off the tiny amount of fat I had, and had received a dieting-list from my agency of things I was aloud to eat. Two egg whites for breakfast, as an example. In two months I lost 10 centimeters around my hips and was shipped off to Milan.


I could probably write a whole book about how the two following years were determined and controlled by my agency and my carrier as a model. Those two years I was completely manipulated into thinking that I wasn’t okay the way I was.

My family and friends were getting worried about how thin I was, but I kept denying to myself and everyone around me that something was wrong.

For now, I won’t go too deep into how bad it got. But I can say this; quitting modelling was the best decision I ever made.
In the spring of 2012 I had turned 17, and deep within I was getting really sick of forcing myself to work out and constantly feeling guilty about eating. But my agency had promised me that they would send me to New York that summer if I lost weight again, so I kept going.




I can’t say exactly when, but at some point during that spring, something snapped in me.
It was like waking up from a really bad dream with the feeling of ”what the hell am I doing?!” and the realization that I’m worth so much more than this. I went to my agency and told them that I was done with modelling. The response I got from them was something like ”You will regret this for the rest of your life” which ironically enough is the most untrue thing anyone has ever said to me.


I was finally free as a bird and felt lighter than ever, without any help from treadmills or egg whites. Though, after quitting there was still at least half a year of struggling and adapting to the new me. My revenge to the whole modelling industry was to eat as much and as unhealthy as I wanted, and I ended up gaining 15 kilos that summer.


At last, I realized that overeating wasn’t the way to go either.
The word ”balance” became very important to me at this time and my whole perception of health changed. This is what I want to share with you all. That it doesn’t have to be black and white.





Balance can of course be something very hard to achieve. I gain some weight, I loose some, which for me is just a natural thing. Sometimes my body needs more fuel, like when I’m having my period, or in the winter when I have less energy (or when I’m having mum’s amazing home made food) And sometimes I’m just more energetic and driven which makes me more active and willing to move my body.

Rather than forcing myself, I try to listen to my body and give it what it needs in the moment.
Whether that means Ben&Jerry’s on the couch, or a yoga session. Do research about what type of food suits your body type, not about what the Victoria’s secret models eat to stay skinny.


There are still things I would like to change with my body, for example to get stronger. This doesn’t mean bodybuilding or spending every day at the gym. But to move my body when it really wants to move. To be active and work out because it gives me energy, makes me less stressed and puts me in a good mood.
When living a stressed life in a big city with no close connection to nature, I find it especially necessary to just get out there and move your body when needed, even if it can be a challenge.


Include it in your routine instead of forcing it, otherwise you will get sick of it and end up getting a bad view on being active.

After I quit modelling I experienced a lot of issues with staying active. It was as if my body just shut down after two years of underweight and forced workouts. Moving my body had become a negative thought in my mind, highly connected to anxiety. Because of this, the first time I tried to get back to running in the forest I had a panic attack after 30 seconds and went straight back home. It took me several attempts and support from my friends until I could get back to being active with a natural mindset.


It still really amazes me how quickly and easily my image of myself was manipulated, during those years as a model. My mind was contradicting itself. In one way I wanted to keep loosing weight so badly, to get a bigger gap between my thighs and a flatter stomach. But on the other hand, I also hated the way I looked without clothes on. I never felt sexy, because what I saw in the mirror wasn’t a young woman’s figure.
It wasn’t the way I was made to be.


A body shouldn’t be messed with in unnatural ways, that’s why I’m now treating mine with much more respect than before, letting it be as it is, improving it only in natural ways that makes it easier for it to exist on this planet. Staying active, being out in the sun and nature, eating healthy food, getting enough rest, working on stress relief, staying hydrated, you name it.


For this article I decided to work together with the young underwear brand The Nude label. They are trying use a more natural and versatile body type to show their pieces, which I really appreciate. I would of course prefer to see even more diversity when it comes to sizes, shapes and ethnicity, but I still think The Nude label are on a good way. They have taken a baby step from the usual underwear commercials we see everyday, where the models have unobtainable bodies that most of us can and will never have.


Quoted from The Nude label
”We really support the idea that the skinny image of models and body as perfection has to change and we defend the importance of a healthy body image. It is necessary for fashion brands to change this concept and to educate both young girls and women.

We believe each body is beautiful as it is, natural, with its imperfections and characteristics. That is what makes us different and unique. We want women to feel comfortable in their skin, that’s why we make soft and comfortable undies. Our pieces are created to enhance the natural body shape, with comfort and a second skin feeling. ”




As always, it’s easy to criticize on a topic like this. Some might think that I’m still too thin to be representing a natural body type. That only people with bigger body types are aloud to have an opinion about all of this. Yet from some point of views, I’m still called ”big” or ”curvy” or ”mom-body”. It can actually be really confusing for me to listen to what people have to say about my body.

But it all comes down to this: I’s my own body and no one else’s, I’m built this way, there’s nothing I can do about it except enjoy it, and no matter what type of body I have, I will always stand by that we are good the way we are.

A few pointers on this text. This is not me saying that modelling is terrible for everyone. There’s always two sides to the story, but this is from my experience and my point of view. I also can’t say that my way is the right way for everyone, because we all work in such different ways.
But if this text can get you remotely on the right path, or change your way of seeing things to the better, or even if it’s just putting you in a more relaxed mood, I’m happy I could help.

There’s something very healing about sharing your views and life experience. To take something bad from the past, sharing it with the world and then turning it into something positive. It shouldn’t be a cliche to let you know that your body is beautiful as it is. To realize that accepting yourself will give you so much more happiness than constantly trying to change.


To look into the mirror and realize how freaking cool it is that you actually have a totally unique body with its own funny little shapes, reminding you that despite what you have experienced in life so far, your body is still there with you, keeping you alive and making it possible for you to live your life.
We need to let each other know these things as much as we can, and hopefully the fashion and media industry along with the rest of the world will eventually go towards a more natural and healthy body type.

Shot by Stefan Dotter



I really love that the world of cooking and baking has become so innovative lately, with a focus on unexpected combinations. Some time ago, my mum told me about a chocolate truffle cake she made out of just raw, healthy ingredience like avocado and nuts.
Mum also told me that this cake happened to be even yummier than the classic “unhealthy” truffle cake, so since then I’ve been dying to try it. I’m now home back home in Sweden for a visit and thought it would be a good opportunity to do some baking with mum.
So today we made this amazing raw cake (AND a Nana icecream with chocolate and peanut butter. (I’ll share the recipe for that some other time). Just look at this –>
What you need:
120 g nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazlnuts)
80 g fresh dates
1 pinch of salt

325 g ripe avocado
80 g coconut oil
100 g honey
70 g cacao
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
1 pinch of salt

What you do:
Prepare this for a minimum of 4 hours before eating.
Around 30 pieces.
Prepare a square baking pan with high edges if you’re making square truffles, or a round one if you want to make a truffle cake.
Put some plastic foil on the inside of the baking pan.
Mix the nuts together with dates and salt in a food processor until you have a solid base. Spread the mixture evenly on the bottom of the baking pan.
Mix Avocado, coconut oil, honey, cacao, vanilla powder, and salt in the food processor for about 2-5 minutes.
Spread the mixture on top of the nutty base. Put the whole baking pan in the fridge. Wait until it sets and then cut the cake in squares to shape little truffles.
Make them pretty by topping them with coco powder, more nuts, more chocolate or coconut flakes.


Bauhaus Archive from Natalie Liu on Vimeo.

Some time ago we went to Bauhaus archive, and my girl Natalie Liu happened to make this top video of the shoot.
In case you want a glimps of me posing without limits and Stefan jumping around with the camera. Check it!



A few snaps from what I’ve been up to during the last weeks. To start with, the Copenhagen fashion event at Soho house in Berlin, with lots of people, music and Gin & Tonics of course.


Icecream and sun in Prenzlauer berg with Ringo.

Strutting around in all black uniform as usual + glasses and adidas.



Coffeebreaks at Kaffee Mitte. Good interior, drinks, location and a big outdoor seating.

Stefan and me interviewed Jacco Gardner for Whitelies Mag. Jacco really is such an inspiring person and musician and had so much to say, not only about his music but also a whole lot about feelings, spirituality and life in general.

I always find it so refreshing to meet artists who still manage to stay humble and down to earth, despite their fame. Later that evening we went to see him play with the rest of his band at a venue in Berlin. If you haven’t already, listen here.
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Was doing some modeling for two days for Machima, with Ruben as photographer. There was pizza, balloons and lots of clothes that made me feel like a Spice girl / Princess. Very good things indeed.
Today I left Berlin to go back home to Sweden for two weeks, both Gothenburg and Stockholm. Haven’t been home since Christmas so it feels really good to be back for a bit. Especially since I’m planning my move to Stockholm in the end of summer! More on that soon.