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2015 has been a year of changes, in my life and most importantly, in myself. It’s been a challenging, emotional and difficult year in many ways, but also so extremely positive and rewarding. Shortly, I would probably say that this was the year I grew up. There is a moment when it hits you, the feeling of being an adult and knowing that you can now leave your teenage years behind.
To me, it has been all about getting an idea of what is really important in life, learning that it’s better to face my problems then to flee them, appreciating the little things, and moving closer to myself and to my main life goal, which will forever be – finding the balance of simplicity, spirituality and superficiality.
Not the easiest of goals I know, but setting this standard reminds me of what I believe in and makes it easier for me to see things clearly.
I had to make a few very hard decisions this year, give up certain things for my own good, and I had to part with a most beloved person. There are many things I know I could’ve done better, but at least I know now that I’m on the right path and hopefully that I can make up for it in the future by being the best version of myself.
One of the greatest things about this year is that I started this blog, which has been so incredibly fun and exciting. A very special city and a very special person got me as inspired as ever, and the result was this little space to collect all of my creativity and thoughts. I can see so clearly through this blog what the year has been like for me.
Every post represents what kind of mind-frame I’ve been in, in the same way as you can see the emotions of the artist or musician in a painting or a a piece of music. This blog has developed along with me, and will continue to do so.
I’m definitely proud of myself for everything I’ve accomplished this year. Especially getting rid of a large amount of old, bad habits and becoming a new, healthier and more aware human being. I feel as if it can only get better from here and I’m so incredibly curious and excited to see what next year will bring. Most importantly I will plan as little as possible, let things happen naturally, and just follow my intuition.
It’s quite the mission to summarize a whole year, but I’ve collected a few captured highlights and moments that were worth sharing. Here we go!

Celebrated the start of 2015 with rosy cheeks, fake eyelashes and messy hair, as one usually has after standing out in the cold, dancing to all the big hits and having one too many glasses of champagne.

Moved in to this beautiful, bright room in a Kreuzberg apartment in Berlin. Had some pretty great moments here.
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Spent almost all of my time with this person, who made 2015 such a special experience for me.

Got to witness as Stefan worked on and finally published the first issue of Whitelies, which was increadibly inspiring.

Inspiration for creativity was the reason I moved to Berlin and it finally led me to start my blog, This blog has meant a lot to me throughout the year and I’m so surprised and thankful for the response and support from all of you who are following. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do <3

Did an interview for Whitelies with Temples, aka one of my favorte bands. They were just as amazingly arrogant and rock n’roll as any phychadellic rock band aught to be.
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When I wasn’t working or blogging or just being lazy, I spent countless hours in my favorite Berlin cafés and restaurants.

Met lots of funny, interesting and special people throughout the whole year.

Wore lots of buns and half buns, and yes, buns over all was a good trend this year. Especially man-buns.
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Took too many selfies for my own good, as most of us probably did during the year of 2015. Selfies are good for you – at least that’s what we will tell our children :))

Went to Bamberg in the south of Germany, experienced proper German culture, and re-connected to nature.

Had some pretty insane meals, especially when living in Berlin. If you’re curious, there is a previous post where I mention my favorite Berlin food places. Find it here.

Started to open up a bit and shared more personal posts here on the blog, like this one about body image. 

Visited my home in Gothenburg and spent some sunny summer days in our beautiful garden.

Went to Stockholm aka one of my favorite places in the summer. Caught up with some good friends and got to know some pretty awesome new people.


Went to Croatia with Stefan and spent two weeks in a car, driving along the coast, stopping at stony beaches and camping on the way in a cheap little tent.



Moved back to Sweden and enjoyed spending some time in Gothenburg with my family and hanging out by the archipelago.


A change started to grow in me which led to some major life decisions, and I ended up going to a yoga retreat/ eco-village on the Danish countryside, without really knowing at all how it would turn out. My time there just happened to be a major life-changing experience, and during these two extremely joyful months I learned about myself, got in touch with my spiritual side and was probably the happiest I’ve been in a long time. More about this experience here.
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Finally, I moved to Malmö in the south of Sweden with the purpose of settling down for a while and creating a simpler way of life. It’s really been great getting back to proper routines after a crazy year of ups, downs, constant changes and going from one place to another. Though if I know myself I’m pretty sure that I will get restless soon again and start daydreaming about new adventures for next year. I have a confident feeling that 2016 will be as eventful and exciting as ever.
Best movie I watchedCold Mountain. This was such an increadible and well made movie! I really don’t understand why it didn’t get more attention when it premiered. It’s got a crazy amount of good actors (Jude Law and Nicole Kidman in the lead rolls), a beautiful story-line all the way to the end and the soundstrack is amazing. Don’t miss this one!
Best songs I listened to – I got a list made through Spotify with my most played songs of 2015. How good is that! This list includes everything from my usual indie/folk/rock to Beyonce and One Direction. Find the playlist here, listen and enjoy.
Best book I read – The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts. This book played a big part in my decision to change my way of life. Alan Watts is forever one of my biggest inspirations and one of the most genius philosophers there is. He has an incredible way of talking about the world, life and the ways of us human beings. The best thing is that if you don’t want to read a whole book, you can just watch one of his many speeches on Youtube here.  Listen and learn.
Wishing you all a very happy and stressless new year, full of adventures and positive changes.
And by the way, what would you guys like to see more of on here on the blog?
Lots of love,





Turtleneck crop top – Weekday
Flare jeans – Edited The Label
Suede Boots – Vagabond





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It’s that time of the year again, when snowflakes are falling and families are gathering… and the worldly consumption is higher than ever. Christmas is definitely not the easiest time to be environmentally friendly, at least if you don’t know where to look. Normally I wouldn’t have a clue where to find brands or shops where the specific focus is sustainability. How sad is that? I think there should be more ways to give gifts that are both kind to the person who receives it, and to the environment.
In the end it comes down to the fact that without the planet that we live on, there wouldn’t be any gifts to give (and no one to give them to for that matter).
Since I first did a collaboration with the sustainable online store Rêve En Vert, I thought it would be very relevant to work with them on this idea of a conscious Christmas gift. They happen to have a great selection of jewellery designers, and I chose to feature my favorite one, Melissa Joy Manning. These little delicate pieces are so simple, minimal and beautiful, and make for a perfect gift while at the same time doing the earth a favor.
From the very beginning, Melissa has been dedicated to producing a line that encapsulates elegant, sustainable luxury. She works with recycled materials, ethically sourced stones and gems, and is committed to working in a manner that is as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.

The whole collection is handmade by the designer and her team of artisans, and her practice is also Green Certified. Melissa has been appointed co-chair of the CFDA Sustainability Committee, ensuring that she is constantly striving towards more sustainable goals and achievements, not only in her own design but also for the fashion industry as a whole.
It feels exciting to be able to support a conscious designer like Melissa, and to work with Rêve En Vert where the main focus is sustainable beauty and caring for the planet and its inhabitants. Many times I’ve had the thought that there are no alternatives out there – that you have to choose between sustainability and beauty, which really shouldn’t be the case.

Unfortunately it’s more often these small and independent designers who actually care about making a difference, but my hopes are that this awareness will spread and that more and more big fashion and beauty companies will wake up and set a good example for the rest of the world.
Find my Herkimer diamond necklace, silver rings and hoops here.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas  (and a happy new planet) <3


DSCF0091 DSCF0098





Wearing my oh so dreamy, home made lace underwear set from Aniela Parys. Find more beautiful designs here. A special little Christmas gift tip for you guys.







All black, again. No surprise there guys. However as you might have seen there have been wrap coats in every store this year, but for some reason I never really found one that doesn’t look completely like a morning robe.
I was pretty excited though when I found this black mohair wrap coat that just happens to pass the test. I’ll be wrapped in this cosy and casual piece all through the winter.
Coat Edited The Label – shop here
Hat Vintage
Boots Vagabond