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January. As we all know, this month is probably everyone’s least favorite time of the year (except maybe for those who live slightly below the equator?). Anyway, even though things haven’t been that eventful lately, there’s still a handful that I’ve found a bit exciting.
To begin with, I spent an afternoon with Nora at my favorite little coffee bar, Number 6. It’s one of those small, hole in the wall type of places, with just the amount of chairs to make you feel a little extra special.


Nora and I know each other from back home in Gothenburg and now she just happens to live 3 minutes away from my place here in Malmö. She studies arkeology, likes indoor climbing, playing boule and buying high quality expensive clothing, and she’s just the type of person who’s impossible not to love.


Number 6 has great coffee, but for those like me who have stopped drinking coffee, they also have some really yummy teas.



Have been all bundled up in cosy knits, trying to stay warm in this freezing January weather. Although you can’t see it much on this photos, my skin has been getting really dry and pale, my hair is all frizzy and the dark circles under my eyes are more visible than ever. Can’t wait for that renowned ‘healthy summer glow’ to return to my face.


My dad came over from England to spend the weekend with me and my sister. It was one of those bright and sunny winter days, so we went to the seaside and spent the day walking along the snowy sand beaches.

Bought some new things for painting and have been trying out different color palettes. It can really be such a relief to paint when you have a lot of emotions that need to come out. At least if you let go of the pressure that it needs to look good, and just go with whatever comes to you.

Found this image that Stefan shot this summer, from when I was sunbathing at the Swedish archipelago. I’m really hoping that all women soon will be able to be topless without being judged or stared at. Whether it is by the sea, or anywhere else for that matter.
Boobs are great and they should not be something to feel ashamed of.

Dad brought me this brilliant little vegetarian cookbook which contains some really nice and interesting recipes. And as a plus, the photographs and the layout has a really nice and simple look.


What else? Besides working at Mango, I’ve been trying to keep my days quite calm and simple with some proper routines.
Firstly, I’m on a mission to become physically stronger this year so I’ve been working out as much as possible, doing yoga, aerobics and full body workouts. It’s really hard to stay motivated and most of the time I just want to stay in bed with ice cream and movies. But I know that it’s highly necessary for me to stay active if I want to avoid winter depression and anxiety.
And it would also be nice to be able to kick someones ass if needed.
Other good things lately:
– Going to the cinema and watching the new Star Wars movie!! Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to see the next one.
– Reading about Ayurveda and watching interesting documentaries.
– Cooking lots of vegan food at home with things like quinoa, tofu, chickpeas and ridiculous amounts of good veggies.
– Listening to Susanne Sundfor’s live performance of Wild Heart, and playing Waves by Pepa Knight on repeat.
Since I’m very much the restless and indecisive type, I will soon be making some new changes in my life again. But we’ll get to that later.



Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.30.04

This Norwiegian, New York based gal is a favorite. I’ve followed Maria for quite some time now and she has always been one of my biggest inspirations. To me, she represents the type of aesthetic minimalism that I love the most. The kind which is simple but still interesting.
She’s been studying fashion design in NYC, and on her instagram you can see some of her beautiful creations, along with photos of nature, details of her surroundings, interior design, and lots of sneakers.
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.43.36

This is one of those accounts that just reminds me of how beautiful our planet is, and how amazing it can be to travel. Together with @jasoncharleshill she explores the world and captures nature in such a magical way (although we also have to remind ourselves that traveling rarely looks like that in real life, BUT it’s still very pleasing for the eye).
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.39.20

Another fashion designer – Charlies designs just confirms my love for warm knits, neutral color palettes, and simple, high quality clothing. If your instagram feed needs some more London snaps, ribbed fabrics and stylish macarons, this is the one to follow.
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.52.00

This is one of my favorite food accounts. Oh my.
David and Luise are based in Stockholm and together they run their food blog Green kitchen Stories, where they cook some pretty yummy, healthy and all vegetarian food. Either follow David at @gkstories or Luise at @luisegreenkitchenstories
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.49.54

This French photographer seems to be living the bohemian dream. He travels around the US  in a van together with his friends, camping under the stars, hiking through forests and over hills, playing music, skinny dipping in lakes and exploring the nature and wild life of North America. It almost hurts my eyes a little, and makes me wonder why I’m not living like this, right now. Someone should really make a film about these guys.
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.34.23

A lifestyle and travel account  by Chicago based Kessara. She posts the most beautiful, moody and minimal photographs of her favorite coffee spots and foggy, gloomy city buildings of Chicago and NYC. But also of her travels around the world, everything from Germany to Thailand to other cities of the US.
And if you like this account, you should also follow her friends Eva Tsang @thetrottergirl and @stefankarlstrom who both have very similar aesthetics to Kessara.





Minty dress Edited the Label
Trench Monki
Shoes Vagabond
+ Raybans




Cosify might be a made-up word, but a good one nonetheless. Cosifying is something everyone needs in their lives. And your room might need it too. If you, as I recently did, moved in to a room that has a quite cold and empty feel to it, here’s a few ideas of how to make it more cosy and homely. There’s a difference between a “white and clean space” to a space that just feels like a hospital room.


DSCF0009  DSCF0034  DSCF0040DSCF0037




What I use to cosify my room:
PLANTS. The more the merrier. This is such a crucial thing to give some life to an empty space. If you have a tight schedule, make sure to get those that are easy to take care of.
FAIRY LIGHTS. Might be something that you would associate with children, but if you do it the right way it will create such a cosy atmosphere.
ON THE WALL. This means everything from posters, to paintings, to photographs, polaroids, or even wripped out pages from magazines. Whatever you fancy basically. I wouldn’t completely cover my walls with stuff since I much prefer a minimal aesthetic, but a few details here and there can make a difference.
On my wall you’ll find pictures of plants, maps of Middle Earth, a poster with yoga postures, a map of old Europe, polaroids of my mum in the 70’s, and photographs shot by my favorite photographers.
Another tip is to put actual things on your walls. Put a fancy dress up there, hanging plants, a hat or other accessories, or whatever your find pleasing for the eye.


lou-6157Let’s see what I’ve looked like during 2015!
dhfkdlwh_007-0823 Untitled-1
jdnsfj poopsnacks-6134 lou_bauhaus-6782 lou_bauhaus-6804 IMG_9021 DSCF0077 DSCF0278 DSCF0600 DSCF0684 DSCF0103

Any favorites? No big surprises when it comes to color scheme, but what will always shine through is my love for simplicity, clean cuts, and most importantly, comfort.
I’m pretty sure there will be an increase of looks (and maybe even color) here on the blog during this year, so you guys can have something to look forward to. In 2016 my main focus will be to spread awareness and to support clothing brands and stores who are working in a sustainable and ethical way. Very thankful for tips on where to find them!



Since my social media pages mostly consist of the more superficial and aesthetic parts of my life, I thought it could be nice for all of you to get to know me a bit better. Here are 15 random facts about me that most people don’t know about.

I happen to be a very up-in-the-clouds type of person, always daydreaming about something and rarely paying attention to things that seem irrelevant to me. This unfortunately, also makes me quite clumsy. It’s not too rare that I drop or loose things, walk into things or forget things. I used to walk into the shelf in my room with my head every morning (I know, I should probably consider moving the shelf).
2 Historical period dramas are one of my biggest weaknesses. If a movie is set in the period of 1700-1920, I’ve most likely seen it, perhaps twice even.  I guess it’s no surprise then saying that I absolutely love everything that has to do with Jane Austen and her stories. Pride and Prejudice is (Yes, you can laugh all you want) my favorite film of all time.
3 I’m half English, quarter Swedish and quarter French. The names Louise and Amelie come from the French side of the family, and Whitehouse is a British name from my dad’s side.
I’ve visited my family in England almost every year since I was born and I feel a very strong connecting to Britain, so I’ll definitely consider moving there in the future. I’m also very curious about my French roots and I’m constantly dreaming about learning the language one day (no matter how hard it is).

A 14 year old Lou in England, 2008.
4 I LOVE all types of Latino music and dancing, especially salsa. One of my big dreams is to dance at salsa/samba street parties somewhere in South America.
5 My whole life I’ve been completely in love with elves. And fairies. And everything related to fantasy and magic for that matter. I find that there’s is something so incredible about the calmness, harmony and wisdom of elves. Almost as if they are  representing the ideal version of the human. I usually cry a little when I watch Lord of the rings and there is an elf-scene. Like this one (link). Galadriel is my role model.
6 The only pets I’ve ever had is a hamster and a fish. In the end I couldn’t keep the hamster since it made too much noise in the night, and to be honest I really hated the fish (it was one of those who kill their fellow fish friends).

7 I’ve heard a trillion times that I look like Emma Stone (Not in photos at all, but more in real life).
Which is great, obviously. Emma is awesome and one of my favorite actresses. Sometimes it can even be a bit creepy though. There was a period when I actually heard several times per week that we look alike, and people would come up to me on the streets just to mention it. I think it’s especially when I smile, laugh, or speak with a rusty American accent.

Which leads me to – accents. I tend to change my accent very easily, which is both a positive and negative trait. I usually have a British accent when I speak English, but from time to time I also speak Australian and American. It really depends who I speak to. If I would have a conversation in English with a person from Russia for example, I would most likely get a hint of a Russian accent. I think this confuses people.
9 I’ve always had a lot of problems with my eyes. They are extremely dry, to the point where I recently had to stop using contact lenses. So nowadays I actually always wear glasses. Luckily I found my camel-colored pair from Ace & Tate, real life savors.

10 I don’t watch scary movies or thrillers. Ever. I’ve probably seen around three “scary movies” in my entire life, and that was more than enough. Even parodies of scary movies scare the hell out of me. Especially when they include zombies.
I once watched the parody of Dawn of the dead, called “Shawn of the dead”, and had terrible nightmares for about a year.

11 My only sibling is my big sister Olivia, who is three years older than me. She’s one of my best friends and I think no one knows me better than she does. I’m so incredibly grateful to have her in my life.
12 When growing up, my biggest joy was drawing and painting (No surprise, since most of my family were artists at some point).
I used to sit by the kitchen table at my dad’s place everyday, just drawing for hours and hours. It was a form of meditation, just as it is nowadays when I paint.

Untitled-12One of my paintings from this summer / artstudio via pinterest.
13 Sometimes I like doing Jane Fonda’s 80’s aerobics workout at home. This is something I did all the time with my mum and sister when growing up, and I still know all the moves. They all have perms, wear leopard printed bathing suits, head bands and pastel leg warmers. It’s awesome, and looks something like this (link).
14 Listening to One Direction makes me happy.
15 I’m very sensitive and easily affected by most things. Too much of anything, and it shows straight away. I can’t handle when it’s too cold outside, nor when it’s really warm. Same with food which is too spicy, cold or heavy.
I’m also extremely sensitive to caffeine, which is why I stopped drinking coffee completely. Now I only drink tea, but usually not after 3pm. Otherwise I can’t sleep. This is why some of my friends call me Granny.

Like all humans, I have my own little facts that make up to who I am and what my life is like behind the facade. Those things are what makes us different, and also makes us connect to each other. Things that you probably won’t learn by just following me on instagram, but by actually getting to know me as a person.