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There are literally no words for going out in bright, soft light,  wearing thin, pastel clothing and bare ankles without freezing! The birds are twittering like crazy outside my window and snowdrop flowers are growing in our garden. Spring is everything <3
White trench Weekday
Ribbed top & Jeans Second hand
Bag Mango
Sneakers Beyene

LOU’S VEGAN: Green kale hummus & Sundried tomato spread


Green kale hummus & Sundried tomato-white bean spread.

I’ve always been crazy about hummus and spreads. Basically everything you can get from a blender is a joy for me. And the best thing is that you can make THOUSANDS of variations of this! With the holy chickpeas or beans as a base, you can add pretty much anything and create a whole new flavor.

Put it on crackers, in your burrito, use as a dip, or just have it on the side of any meal.

What you need:

Green kale hummus

3 dl boiled chickpeas

3 tablespoons tahini

1 garlic clove

juice from half a lemon

2 dl chopped green kale

1 half dl water



Sundried tomato-white bean spread

3 dl boiled white beans

1 garlic clove

juice from half a lemon

1 handfull sundried tomatoes

1 half dl water

1 pinch of chili


What you do:

Mix everything in a blender, and you’re done!





There have been some exciting new things arriving in my postbox lately! First up, a little sneek peak of these beautiful spring pieces from Anecdote. I’m so very much in love with these subtle and classic designs. (More on this soon!)


Another great gift is this collection of organic cotton underwear from Woron. I’m so happy to be able to work more and more with brands that have a focus on sustainability, and as a plus I’ve discovered how incredibly soft and comfortable organic cotton is. A bit like fluffy clouds against your skin, to be precise.


I also received the latest issue of Cereal mag, yet again with spreads full of beautiful interior, travels and designs.



The perfect trench coat and a timeless stripy shirt, a collection of basic underwear, a magazine with significant content that only comes a few times per year. Nowadays I feel that I’m getting closer and closer to creating what I would call a ‘minimal collection of material things’.
I’m carefully trying to choose products of long lasting quality, classic pieces that won’t go out of style, and in general just narrowing down my ‘possessions’. In theory I would want to be able to pack my most important things in a suitcase and live on that for years. That’s the goal anyway.
Not sure what to do today? Here’s a little tip. I’m spending this Sunday going through my wardrobe, which I like to do a little bit now and then.
Sorting out what I don’t wear that often and getting rid of it (remember to not THROW away anything! Collect what you don’t use and please donate it to second hand shops or other charitable causes).
It’s just such a liberating feeling to minimize your possessions and know that someone else will make better use of them. Keep the things that have meaning to you, and most importantly what will last in the long run.


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Enjoying and exploring the little rays of light that have occurred all around me in the past weeks. Like every spring, every year, I approach the sun as if meeting an old friend. A little awkward at first, but after a few good moments together it’s  as though we never parted.




Untitled-2  DSCF5779



Stumbled upon this rusty wall that happened to match my new sunnies perfectly. Copper is one of the colors that I count into my very small group of “colors that I like” besides black and white. I must say I got a bit inspired and might even be looking for some new pieces of clothing in a copper tone.

Top H&M
Dress Brandy & Melville
Trench Weekday
Shoes Vagabond
Sunglasses Ace & Tate


DSCF5600DSCF5598 DSCF5603

This is the best darn breakfast, at least if you ask me.
When I started studying the teachings of Ayurveda (a 5000-year-old system of natural healing), I discovered a lot about what type of food is best for my specific body-type.
“Thought to be condensed from different combinations of the primal elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether, the doshas are the life energies behind all of our bodily functions. Each one commands a specific force in the body and is associated with certain sensory qualities.
Each person has their own dominant dosha or combination of two or three of these elemental forces. Knowing yours can help you maintain balance through seasonal changes for lasting health and peace of mind.”
I’ve always had quite cold things for breakfast, like bread with cheese or egg. Through Ayurveda, I learned that this is not ideal for me. That as a Vata (air) dominant person, warm food is a much better choice. It made a lot of sense to me since I always feel extremely tired, cold and weak after having something like a salad or frozen smoothie.
So I decided to start by changing my breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and see if it made any difference. A person who is Vata dominant should ideally have food with warm, sweet and rich qualities. I basically went all the way and created this heavenly dish:
Warm oatmeal porridge with banana, peanut butter, linseed, sunflower seeds and walnuts.
As soon as I got this meal into my morning routine, I noticed an incredible change in my energy. Nowadays I’m completely full until or even passed lunchtime, and I have a steady flow of energy throughout the day. How great is that! Thanks Ayurveda.
I find that it can be so helpful to read a bit about the different doshas, see which one is dominant for you and learn more about what suits your specific type of body. For some of you this breakfast might be perfect, and for some it would perhaps be better with a cold, dry or sour meal.
I will definitely go further in to this subject for those of you who are interested. The fact is that we are all built so differently and I really think that Ayurveda embraces that in such a nice way.






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It was such a beautiful day outside yesterday and I was free from work, so I met up with my bestie Elsa who wanted to show me this newly opened café in her part of town. This little spot is called ‘What’s The Deli’, quite the peculiar name.

I enjoyed the look of it anyhow, and they had a few interesting things on the menu. Me and Elsa shared a ‘vegan pulled pork’ sandwich for lunch, with one too many pickled onions.


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There she is, staying fabulous. Me and Elsa have known each other for a few years now and have been pretty much inseparable ever since (only with a few bumps on the way and some distance because of my travels). She’s quirky and funny and always looks effortlessly great, and she knows all the very best and worst sides of me. I other words, she’s a keeper.


I had my new Ace & tate’s with me, just in time for the sunny weather.
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And dressed in all black, of course.





Then we made sure to get some sun. Being able to sit outside is such a luxury for us at this time of the year! Really felt like a glimpse of spring.

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This also just happens to be one of the prettiest and most ‘fairytale-like’ parts of Gothenburg, where you can easily stroll around for hours. We popped in to a floral shop to get Elsa some flowers, and then a little antique store where I found a brown leather bag for my camera. All and all, a brilliant and much needed day off.





Got these flippin great pair of Vagabond shoes for spring. The best thing about them is that the heel is just the perfect height. So I’ll be feeling a bit elegant, without tottering around like bambi.

Photo 19-02-16 11 58 10


With the shoes came Vagabond’s shoemaker journal for spring/summer 2016. So many goodies on one spread.



Also got positively surprised to see that they are launching a non-animal collection! This really is the way the whole industry should be heading. Will be keeping my eyes on these.
To be honest I never really know how I feel about shoes. I was never a shoe addict and was always happy with not more than three or four pairs of shoes.
A pair of low Dr Martens that I’ve worn constantly for about 6 years. A pair of classic black brouges. Casual white sneakers, and maybe a pair of sandals for summer.
That’s basically all I need. High heels were never my thing.
But I find that my interest is in shoes is slowly growing. That when it comes to style, they can really complete a whole look, or make a ‘boring outfit’ look a bit more interesting.
I think I might direct my focus just a little bit more towards the feet this year. Maybe even extend my collection a little, who knows. My main will however still be that the shoes I wear won’t go out of style too quickly, and that they last for a long time.