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Bild 2016-04-29 kl. 13.56 #3 (1)Bild 2016-04-29 kl. 13.56 #4 Firstly, something not so good is that my Macbook decided to give up and completely shut down. The good thing is, yesterday I got myself a new baby! An (almost) brand new Macbook Pro. *Material heaven*. As you might understand, a good computer is quite essential to me.
I’m celebrating this by taking lots of selfies with Photobooth (which I fear will become somewhat of a habit) and a list of random good things:

  • Men who wear tight pants and loose shirts. A bit like Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in love? Excuse me but I’m really questioning why this is not yet a trend.


  • Listening to different versions of the song Wonderful life by three different artists. It’s just such a great song, so why not. By Jono McCleery, By Black, By Katie Melua


  • The face swap function on Snap chat.


  • Creating a new private account on instagram where I post random stuff about nothing and with no aesthetic purpose what so ever. This has been incredibly liberating. Unfortunately this account is only for my friends to follow (sorry for teasing).


  • Getting freckles


  • Thinking about the fact that summer is almost here.


  • New season of Game of Thrones!!


  • Taking salsa lessons – aka the best decision of my life. More about this soon. With this also comes bringing out my inner latino and listening a lot to Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam. Sorry not sorry.

Most imporantly this computer makes it so much easier for me to work quickly and thoroughly here on the blog, so I’m quite pleased about that. Now I’m off for a weekend of celebrating the arrival of spring with my besties.





Or more correctly –
Vegan, Asian style sweet potato burger with avocado mayo, peanut sauce, pickled red onion and coriander.
THIS BURGER takes me to vegan heaven. It’s insane. And since I love everything that has an Asian touch to it, I’m not surprised that this one instantly became a favorite.
Fresh, salty, sour, sweet, spicy, crispy, creamy, crunchy, firm, awesome, and completely free from animal products <3 How nice is that. You’re welcome!

Sweet potato burger

  • 1 medium sweet potato, baked and peeled

  • 2 dl cooked white beans (canned, drained and rinsed)

  • 1/2 dl white onion, chopped

  • 2-3 tsp tahini

  • 3/4 tsp apple cider vinegar

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1/3 dl nutritional yeast OR any flour (try oat flour)

  • 1/2 – 1 cup finely chopped greens (kale, spinach, parsley)

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (for frying)

Bake your sweet potato in a 400 degree oven for 40-60 minutes or until tender. Add the potato and beans to a large mixing bowl. Using a large fork, mash well. Fold in the onion and keep mashing. Add all the remaining burger ingredients and mash well until thickened. Heat a skillet over high heat and add the coconut oil. Form burger mixture into large patties and place on the hot skillet. Fry until cooked through.
Avocado mayo

  • 2 ripe, fresh avocados

  • ¼ dl high quality olive oil

  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, lime juice or apple cider vinegar

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 1 tablespoon dijon mustard

Mix it all together in a blender until silky smooth.
Peanut sauce

  • 1/2 dl peanut butter

  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

  • 4 teaspoons soy sauce

  • 1/4 dl water

  • pinch of salt

Mix it all together in a bowl.


Topp your burger with fresh coriander, sprouts, cucumber, and some pickled red onion (recipe here).









When creating a basic, sustainable wardrobe, I would consider it quite crucial to own a perfect stripy shirt. I think it’s one of those pieces that one can buy hundreds of, but it still takes a lot more to find the perfect one for you.
At least now I’ve found one that I really love, from the lovely and minimal brand Anecdote. This one is the perfect amount of oversize without being too big, it’s super soft and comfy, and instead of completely black and white, it’s black and somewhat sand colored. Which to me gives it a more natural and earthy vibe.
Stripy shirt Anecdote
Pants SET
Shoes Mango
Shot by Elsa Johansso




Last Thursday I hopped on a train to visit Stockholm for the weekend. A ridiculous amount of my friends live there, so now and then I make sure to come over and catch up with them.
The best thing was that I was able to get the ‘Blue train’ which is made to look like it’s from the 1920’s. Lots of wooden details, a proper dining area and a big piano where someone’s playing classical music. Love it.
Here’s a little photo bomb of my weekend.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sweden’s capital is for some reason an incredibly special place for me. Partly because I have such an amazing time there every time I’m there, and then there’s just something about that city that always makes me a bit tingly.

As soon as I arrived I went straight to a meeting to discuss a very exciting collaboration for the future. More about that soon. Then I had some time to kill and met up with a friend at a coffee place in Old town called Fabrique. Such a cosy spot. (Most of this weekend was spent at cafés with friends actually, so this post will probably somewhat resemble a Stockholm café guide. Which of course doesn’t hurt).

My kind of place, as you all know.

Then I went to stay at my friend Ingrid’s place slightly outside of the city center. Ingrid is one of those people who I haven’t actually spent too much time with, but it feels like we’ve known each other forever. Absolutely love that girl.
She has the nicest little apartment with the most stunning evening light. Couldn’t stop looking at it, taking photos of it and even filming how the trees swayed and created a beautiful pattern on the wall.

Also very important – taking selfies in it.

The next day I went to the south of the city to have brunch with Sanne at Pom & Flora.




Which was satisfying to say the least.

Then we strolled around in the sun for a while and checked out a few shops. I will never get enough of Stockholm’s pastel colored plaster facades.


Looking much more grumpy here than I actually was, in comfy all-black outfit as usual.
Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Headed back to Ingrid’s place, which by the way is next to this peachy dream house. Then there were two nights of going out, seeing old friends, dancing, being slightly exhausted yet very satisfied. In other words, too much fun to be captured on camera.


On Sunday I managed to tick of a few more coffee-dates. Met up with Elin, who I haven’t seen since we shared a room at the 10-day Vipassana meditation course last summer. She’s just the loveliest person, and also works as a jewelry smith (how cool is that).


Snickarbacken 7 is another cute place I would recommend to visit. Had a fresh juice with apple, mint and ginger. Best combo.

Finally, I caught up with my darling Olivia. She’s just moved back home from London and I’m ecstatic to now have her in the same country. Love her like a sister. We haven’t seen each other since we went to New York together, almost two years ago! Time flies.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The weekend was rounded off with an amazing Sunday waffle-brunch with Ingrid. We ate, talked non stop about how mindblowingly good the waffles were, made lots of delighted noises, and watched Keeping up with the Kardashians in bed.
Then I went to the central station, got on the train and headed back home to Gothenburg. That was my weekend in Stockholm!





I chose to include these beautiful illustrations by Jiwoon Pak in this post. Somehow they seemed fitting.
I’m assuming that most of you who follow me are girls/women/female gender, therefore this is quite relevant. However I also believe that this topic is relevant for males as well. No matter the gender, it’s always important to get an insight of what it’s like dealing with these things and why those who have their period sometimes behave a certain way or need certain things.
Being born with a female gender usually comes with a price (or many). For some women, their period is hardly noticeable. Unfortunately, I’m not in that category.
My period tends to make itself known in all ways possible. Firstly, for at least a week before it starts, I usually have some heavy PMS. This includes getting very tired, sensitive and easily annoyed. The littlest of things can make me cry and break down during this week(s), and there’s usually a sensation of carrying a giant rock on my shoulders.
I also get quite bad skin, extreme thirst, back-pain, massive food/sweet cravings, dizziness, and my boobs swell and hurt a little. Good times.
Then when it finally comes, there’s usually some feeling of relief. But there’s also the messiness of it all, additional tiredness and sometimes cramps/pain. This goes on for another week.
So basically, every month I’m affected by my period for about 2-3 weeks out of 4.
Now, let’s discuss what we can do during this vicious circle, to make it just a tiny bit easier to cope with, and maybe even a little bit awesome. Since our society is doing almost nothing to support these female issues, I guess we just have to make it work ourselves.

Firstly, a lack of vitamins and minerals can make your period and PMS so much worse than it has to be. Here are a few of the most important ones.
B6Here’s how to get Vitamin B in a vegan diet.
Vitamin C – Citrus fruits, Strawberries, Broccoli, tomato etc.
Iron – Dried fruits, whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds etc. (Remember to combine it with vitamin C since it helps your body to absorb the iron.)
If possible, when having sweet cravings, make sure to avoid refined sugar and chemical sweets. It can really mess with your already unstable hormones. Try making my Raw candy bites that I wrote about recently, they are insanely satisfying. If not possible, have whatever you want. This is not the time to obsess over what you eat. Just remember to be kind to your body.
Whether it’s tears, anger, frustration or all three of them, make sure not to hold it in. Repress is the worst thing you can do, since your feelings will come out anyway, one way or another.
My main dominant feeling during my period is usually sadness, so I sometimes watch really sad movies or listen to sad songs until I cry like a baby. If you’re angry; scream, yell at a teddy bear, or maybe listen to some heavy metal. By letting it all out at home, I minimize the risk of randomly breaking down in a public/ inappropriate situation.
I usually don’t find it too tempting to spontaneously start dancing when I have PMS and feel like everything sucks. Then I would recommend this: Put on the music that makes you want to move the most. For me this would be Salsa music or just something Latino with a good rhythm. If this doesn’t inspire you, watch a dancy feel-good movie like Dirty Dancing (that one ALWAYS works for me). Maybe do something like this(link) and just get your endorphin’s going.
This goes without saying for me during my period. My whole body pretty much feels like a dry desert during the week before it starts, so I make sure to always have some plain water close at hand (NOT any flavored, bubbly or sugary water, please!).
If your period is giving you any type of physical or mental discomfort, please don’t ignore it. Our period is not something we’ve made up as an excuse to get away with things (please punch anyone who says so).
It is a LEGIT REASON to stay home and drop whatever you were supposed to do that day.
When your whole body and mind decides to go against you, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something extra. Have a home-spa day, for example. Take a bath, read a book, light some candles, have some chocolate. Spoil yourself as if it was your birthday. Rent a movie on Netflix, stay in bed, make someone give you a massage or buy you ice cream, wear a robe all day, brows photos of pretty boys on Pinterest. Endless possibilities.
To feel that others are in the same boat as you is probably the most helpful thing ever. Don’t forget that half of our worlds population know/ have known/ will know what you’re going through. So wherever you are in the world, you’ll always find a lady-friend who will support you and share your period issues with you.  Bond over it, make jokes about it, complain together, be angry and sad together, bake cookies together.

What else?


Tinder, refined sugar, staring into mirrors, being alone, trying on clothes, people that generally annoy you, men without perspective..


Hope this will inspire you all to turn these days of negativity in to something positive! What’s your best tip for being on your period?




Continuing on my quest to visit new places in Gothenburg, we went to this little spot called Kale’i that recently opened right in the center of the city.


This beautiful, bright and open space quickly became a favorite of mine.


Had the best catch up with two of my best gals, Susanna and Natalie. Lots of coffee and green tea and making up for lost time. Really miss my time in Berlin with Nata, so I made sure to cuddle her to death now that we’re living in different cities.




<3 Susanna however, lives right here with me in Gothenburg *feeling blessed*. She’s my little ray of light.


Then Elsa came by and made our day even better. So thankful to have these amazing ladies in my life!! Just need to get it out there. I think the staff probably got quite annoyed with us for talking very loudly and high-pitched about boys and work and life and school for several hours.
They better get used to it though. I have a feeling that this will become a regular spot for us :))
Next time I’ll make sure to eat there as well, since they have some pretty awesome looking things on the menu. Lots of vegan and green goodies. And avocado sandwiches.





DSCF6175   DSCF6180   DSCF6229




Recently I started liking the idea of wearing socks as a statement, which normally would be quite unlike me. I just love the sharp contour in creates in contrast to my shoes, and when the rest of my look is quite subtle it can be nice that something stands out.  However, they definitely have more of a copper color in real life but for some reason they turned carrot in the photos. Besides that, the sailor look is always a given for me when spring arrives.
Coat The Fifth Label
Bag & Pants MANGO
Socks Weekday
Shoes Vagabond
Sailor cap Vintage
Watch Kapten & Son
Shot by Elsa Johansson




DSCF6301 DSCF6315

I’ve passionately been playing around with healthy candy recipes lately, and here’s the result!
Everyone who has tried a rawfood bite knows that it can be just as yummy and satisfying as ‘real candy’, and these are no exception. The great thing is of course that there’s no refined sugar or chemicals, only raw, natural ingredients where all the nutrition is being kept safe.
Note. Even though they are healthy, they can be quite addictive and I don’t recommend eating too many at ones since they are still packed with fats and fruit sugar.
What you can do when making these is to use a basic recipe and then just vary them with whatever you feel like.
Here are the basics of what you need:
1 dl nuts (raw almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, or which ever nut you prefer.)
1 dl picked dates
1 tablespoon coconut oil
a pinch of salt
When you have these basic ingredients, you can decide what type of sweets you want to make.
Here are the ones I’ve made:
Coconut chocolate bites
Use the basic recipe, but only with cashew nuts. Start by blending the nuts until finely ground, then add the rest. Add shredded coconut, 0,5 dl cocoa powder, a pinch of fresh vanilla. Blend again. Put the mix in a square form on some baking paper. Put in freezer for about 40 minutes, then cut the frozen mix into squares. Sprinkle coconut on top.
Ginger lemon bites
Use the basic recipe, but only with cashew nuts. Start by blending the nuts until finely ground, then add the rest. Add the juice from half a lemon, a spoon of finely shredded skin of the lemon, a chunk of ginger (depending on how strong you want it to be). Blend again. Put the mix in a square form on some baking paper. Put in freezer for about 40 minutes, then cut the frozen mix into squares. Sprinkle coconut on top.
Nougat bliss balls
Use the basic recipe, but only with hazel nuts (preferably a bit roasted). Start by blending the nuts until finely ground, then add the rest. Add 0,5 dl cocoa powder. If the mix is a bit try, add a tiny splash of oat milk or almond milk. Blend again. Roll into bliss balls and put in the fridge for about 40 minutes.
Chocolate sea salt truffle balls
Use the basic recipe, but only with almonds and walnuts. Start by blending the nuts until finely ground, then add the rest. Add 0,5 dl cocoa powder and an extra pinch of sea salt. If the mix is a bit try, add a tiny splash of oat milk or almond milk. Blend again. Roll into bliss balls and then roll them in cocoa or vanilla powder to make them look a bit fancy. Put in the fridge for about 40 minutes.
Or just make up your own versions? Maybe snickers bliss balls with peanuts and chocolate, or chai bites with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger? Maybe coffee, licorice, or spike it up with some rum? You can even bring over friends and family and let everyone make their own favorite.