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Just want to share this brilliant tofu recipe with you all! It’s frekin lovely and so simple to make.
When people try to cook Tofu, it often turns into a spongy, dry mushroom or something slimy and tasteless. This recipe is neither or.
Use a big chunk of normal, firm tofu (not silky tofu!) and cut into cubes.
Put the cubes in a bowl together with 1 dl Maizena, 1 dl sesame seeds and 1 dl soy sauce. (These measurements vary a little depending on how much tofu you use). Mix it all together and leave for about 10-20 minutes so that it really sets.
Fry it up in a pan in some oil, all done! How easy is that.
Serve together with glass noodles, chopped raw vegetables, ginger and coriander. If you like, make a dressing out of soy sauce, sesame oil, lime, lemon and chili, and drizzle all over this dish. You’re welcome!



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Summer’s quickly approaching and I have to say, I’m enjoying every bit of it.
Last week my sister came and visited, we had coffee (she had coffee and I had water, as you might know I’m over-sensitive to caffein), then we pampered mum a bit with some stunning Peonies for mother’s day.
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Wearing thin jackets and crop tops!! Is a good feeling indeed.
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Stopping by café Höga Nord with my darling Lina, sipping green tea in their awesome backyard and updating eachother on our latest news.
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Had the best food ever. Seriously not joking, this is probably my favourite thing to eat in the whole world. ASIAN VEGAN BUNS WITH CRISPY TOFU, CORIANDER & VEGAN MAYO. Oh my. If any of you are ever in Gothenburg, please visit the food-truck Jinx and try these heavenly creations.
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Walked through the narrow streets of Haga, peeking into all the cosy and picturesque backyards. Spent some quality time with my sister and mother, and had a veggie Meze plate for lunch at En Deli Haga.

Spent an evening in Lina’s empty apartment, drinking Prosecco on her bed. Met up with Elsa and Christoffer for free drinks at Nudie. My friends are such cool kids.
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Went to Kale’i with my bestie Mikael. He had just come home from a few weeks in Iceland so I was happy to find him all in one piece. Our friendship has been very special to us both through the years and now we’re finally living in the same city. Day well spent.
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Celebrated 20.000 followers on Instagram, which might be a small step in the blog world but quite significant for me. It’s really mind-blowing to be able to share the things I love with such an amount of people.
So, thanks you guys. You’re all the bomb <3
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Finally, getting some Lion King-vibes on my way home from work.


Reading Never let me go, listening to this album by Tim Buckley, taking in the scent of blooming flowers and freshly mowed lawns, taking steps closer towards the perfect wardrobe with some new key items (you’ll see!) Flirting, wherever with whomever. This is crucial during summer and makes life a little more exciting.


Enjoying work!! I’m working a lot but I’m actually enjoying it this time! Most of it anyway. What i’ve learnt is this – good colleagues are everything.


Now I’m looking forward to a week of more amazing weather!










At last! Some warm weather. Finally we’re able to dust off our spring jackets and strutt around town in nothing but thin layers. Found this perfect bomber as well, which might just be the most crusial item in my wardrobe right now.
Bomber Monki
Top Gina Tricot
Suede skirt Vintage
Leather bag Vintage
Shoes Vagabond
Sunglasses Ace & Tate




No, this is not a post about how you loose weight by getting high instead of eating food. Just want to make that clear.
What I would like to share, is that there are lots of good green ‘weed’ out there that normally goes to waste, when many of them are actually incredibly healthy and nutritious.
You just need to know what to pick and what to do with it.

Nettles are very common weed, at least here in Scandinavia. They are a gardeners biggest nightmare, and furthermore hated and feared by most people since they have a stinging effect which hurts like hell. So my first advice is to put on a pair of good garden gloves before picking them.
Mindblowingly, these are some of the benefits of Nettles:
Its ability to detoxify the body, improve metabolic efficiency, boost immune health, increase circulation, improve energy levels, manage menstruation, minimize menopausal symptoms, heal skin conditions, protect kidney and gallbladder health, lower inflammation, increase muscle mass, regulate hormonal activity, prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, soothe hemorrhoids, and improve respiratory conditions.
First up is this lovely Nettle soup. This soup is not only healthy but very easy to make. It’s a lovely idea as a starter for any spring dinner, or just a light lunch.
What you do:
Pick about 1 litre of tender nettle plant shoots and rinse them (wear gloves at all times). Chop half an onion, fry up in a pot with some oil until soft. Put the nettles into the pot together with 4 dl water. Add a cube of vegetable stock and a couple of tablespoons of white wine or sherry. Boil for about 5 minutes. Mix it up with a hand mixer or in a normal blender.
Add 1 dl of cream together with 1 tablespoon of starch for the right consistency. Salt and pepper for taste.

Chickweeds are medicinal and edible plants. They are very nutritious, high in vitamins and minerals, can be added to salads or cooked as a pot herb, tasting somewhat like spinach.
I find these little weeds adorable, as you can use as a beautiful decoration on salads, sandwiches or any type of dish.

Also known as goutweed, ground-elder is one of the first abundant edible greens that appear in spring time. It contains vitamin C, provitamin A, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicic acid.
With this weed you can make a delicious Ground-elder pesto.
Pick about 1 litre of Ground Elder leaves. Put in a mixer together with 1 garlic clove, 1-2 dl raw unsalted cashews, 1 dl olive oil, a dash of lemon juice and salt to taste.


Also keep a lookout for Dandelion greens! They are bitter in a similar way to Arugula and great to use in any type of salad.
To all of you herb lovers; have a look outside, see what’s growing all around, and make use of it. The best things in life are free.



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I’ve had almost a month and a half of free time now, before starting work again next week. During this time, spring has properly arrived and we’ve even had a glimpse of summer over here in Sweden. My freckles have started to show, just like the Syringas in our garden.
I apologise for the temporary echo here on the blog, but the thing is I’m actually not that sorry. I’ve been enjoying life, and that’s nothing to be sorry about. I’ve said it before, but it’s so important to sometimes step away from the pressure of social media. To not feel obliged to spend the whole day at home in front of a screen, but to just go out and live completely for the moment.
I know now that all of you understand the importance of this as well as I do, and that’s also the reason why I feel free to take a break from posting now and then.
I want you all to know how much I appreciate that.
For the first time in a long time, I feel so incredibly excited, happy, energetic and at peace with almost everything in my life. Not only is the weather amazing, but I’m also keeping busy with things that really make me happy. I’m staying creative, healthy and active, spending lots of time with my family, dancing, laughing, and feeling closer to my friends than ever.
Can’t believe that I’m surrounded by so many incredible, genuine and kind people, and having the privilege of calling them my close friends.
There is something truly magical about this time of the year.
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Cherry blossoms everywhere, something that really reminds of how beautiful nature can be.
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Even the cherry tree in our garden is blooming. This is my favourite spot to spend an afternoon reading, resting or having picnics with friends.

Windflowers covering the forest ground <3
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Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to lately. Having freshly made juice in the sun with Christoffer and Lina


Spending whole days with my supergirl Susanna
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Hanging out in the sun by the city river

Exploring hidden areas of Gothenburg and enjoying park hangouts with my besties
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Redoing my room, which meant three whole days of fixing and painting into the last detail, while listening to Latino music on the highest volume. It was hard work as hell but I have to say I’m proud of myself for finishing it. No handy man needed, just handy Lou.


Having picnic-breakfast on the grass, and sushi lunch on a hill top
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Spending the whole day at the sea, listening to Sufjan Stevens and sunbathing
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Being very Baywatch in this strawberry bathing-suit from & Other stories



Getting a visit from Sofus over the weekend, aka my very special Danish yogi friend who just came back from four months in India.
He’s incredibly dear to me and we always have so many great stories, experiences and philosophies to share with each other. This one really made my weekend.
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And finally, staying out late, watching the sun go down, and dancing until it goes up again.
On monday I start my new job and I’m back to a proper routine again. However, summer is still here, which means that more adventures await.




I thought I would finally bring up something that has never really been present here on the blog. It’s something that I find quite personal, yet it’s so universal that it’s almost silly not to highlight such a subject.
Love has fortunately enough been a big part of my life. Partly coming from family and friends, which to me is the most valuable and irreplaceable thing in life. But I’ve also had the pleasure of being infatuated, being in love, and sharing the experience of one-ness with another person, and that’s what I will focus on in this post. 
How to not write about love in a cliche way seems to be quite the mission, so please be open minded about this. My sincerest apologies if this only comes out as a lovey-dovey bunch of cheesy tumblr-quotes.
Feeling love and being loved in return, is something that I really don’t take for granted. I’ve met some of the most incredible, kind and loving beings during my lifetime, and my time with each one of those beings can and will never be replaced.

Call me unrealistic, but to claim that the type of love you see in movies doesn’t exist, only points to a narrow mind or a lack of experience.This whole subject is very hard to discuss since everyone has their very own perception on what love is.
But what I can tell you, is that from my point of view it actually resembles a lot what you would see in movies or read in books. My experience of love has been passionate, harmonious, deep, superficial, light, fun, complicated, brilliant, horrible, heartbreaking, fulfilling, and probably a hundred other things.


I’ve had countless infatuations here and there, been fully committed to another person , been given love from another without giving it back and similarly been giving love to another without getting it back.
I’ve been in love with more than one person at the same time, fallen in love with a friend, experienced love through long distance, had a few longer relationships and some shorter ones as well.
I’ve tried being in an open relationship, been in love only with the thought of someone, or in a memory of someone.  The list goes on, and I’ve only lived for about a fourth of a lifetime so far. I can’t even imagine what’s ahead of me. The bottom line is, there’s just nothing that I love as much as being in love.



Something that I’ve thought a lot about is that many people seem to have quite a narrow idea of what love should be like. But to me, it’s such an incredibly versatile and ever-changing phenomenon, and whatever shape or size it may come in, it’s worth experiencing.


The thing is, there might not be just one great love, there might be many, big and small. Maybe someone doesn’t necessarily fit you perfectly, but that shouldn’t keep you from sharing something great with that person and appreciating it for what it is. Even the smallest infatuations or flings of mine have been special to me. They have all contributed to my life in one way or another, with excitement, laughter, wisdom, or just comfort.
There’s a reason why Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is my favorite story of all time (sorry, not sorry). It shows so many aspects of love, how many different shades it can have and how the most epic love can show up in places you would never have expected.


There’s something new to learn from every experience, even from the really bad ones. And there will most definitely be bad experiences as well as good. You might loose someone, you might get hurt, or any of these things that we’re all terribly afraid of. It takes a ridiculous amount of bravery to keep going, to not lock your heart in a box after every time it doesn’t last forever. To me however, it’s always worth it.



Being infatuated has often made me do quite silly things. It’s as if some people have the gift of completely putting me in trance, so that I can’t pay attention to anything else than them. Similarly to a magic spell.
My hearing and vision becomes out of focus and my judgement is slightly clouded, so that I find it harder to part right from wrong.
This has put me in many awkward and tricky positions I can tell you. Like when I was younger and I had a major crush on my friend’s brother, and while at their house I payed all of my attention to him instead of spending time with her. Or when I was completely mesmerised by someone who was already in a relationship, and I still couldn’t help but to be with him. Or when I fell head over heals for a person who I had only known for 24 hours, wanted to drop everything and move to Africa with him, got completely heartbroken and didn’t get over it for at least a year.
Thinking about it afterwards, it’s strange to know how little control I actually have over myself in those types of situations.


My mind is often occupied by thoughts about love. Where will I find it, who will I share it with next, will it ever feel true? It’s really hard for me to tell if the feelings I have are true or not. Not that I even know what ‘true’ means in this context, and maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I’m waiting for something that will never come.
There are many reasons why love ends, and even if the actual feeling of love doesn’t end, being in a relationship often becomes more complicated than that. It’s when the idea of love doesn’t measure up with reality that disappointment occurs.
In my case, I never really stop loving, but the reason it still doesn’t work out is usually because of the relationship itself. I find it incredibly hard to commit to something fully. Many times I’ve thought about the fact that I have some sort of pattern, of always falling in love, being over the moon, suddenly feeling very trapped and lost, and then ending it.



Nowadays there’s a whole market for love and many of us (including myself) treat it as if though it was a product, something you can look for, find, use for your own benefit, and then toss when something better turns up around the corner. There is such a big focus on individualism in our society today, which makes it harder and harder for us to compromise with another and we have less and less time to prioritise one another.


We value ourselves and our own independent lives so much to the point where being alone makes the most sense to us. The emptiness that then occurs, desperately needs to be filled with something.
Maybe that’s one of the reason why we turn to things like Tinder, desperate scrolling through images of ‘potential ones’ in the hope of filling that empty hole, of finding that someone.
The tricky part doesn’t seem to be to find someone though, but to want to keep the one you have found, in a world where we’re constantly told the importance of never settling for less than the very best, of always moving and never standing still.


On the other hand, one of the main things that I also want to pinpoint in this post, is the very value of independence. Staying true to yourself in a relationship and not giving up your own life and freedom, can be much harder than one would think.
I’ve lost myself in love many times before, and it’s a pattern that I’m quite determined to break. Some previous relationships have changed me to the point where I’m not really myself anymore, where my friends hardly recognise me, where I’m living someone else’s life and giving up way too much of myself for the other person. This is not something that I’m aware of at first, but it has always become clear with time, when the haze of new love slowly starts to fade away. 
I believe that there’s a fine balance between the importance of not completely loosing yourself in ‘us’, and still being brave enough to need that other person in that infinite way.


What I also want to highlight with this is that you are not nothing if you decide that you don’t want to commit to someone, or if you perhaps don’t have the opportunity to be in a relationship.
Being by yourself can be such a great learning experience and gives you a great freedom to try out different things outside of ‘the very square box of monogamy’.
I’ve discovered so many things about myself while being without a partner, and even though it can make me feel lonely or apathetic from time to time, I believe it has made me so much stronger as a person.
This way it has been possible for me to connect with my inner self on a whole other level. Embrace it, see it as a way to explore things about yourself, and make the most of your own time. I am mine, before I am anyone else’s.




And what about the people you’ve already had something special with? Do you actually stop loving them or is it just mere repression of feelings because the situation didn’t work out?
Most of my relationships have ended because of my own fears, or the timing has just been wrong. Not because I have stopped loving them.
Then how will I ever let go? I can sometimes feel as though I still deeply love someone that I haven’t seen for years.
In the end I guess most people change which means that I am merely in love with a memory. But the romantic in me won’t let go of the idea that my soulmate was there all along. It’s much easier to cling to the past than to stay hopeful for what might come in the future.


I still love and am in love with the memory of everyone I’ve shared something great with. Just like a movie you would watch over and over, I play those memories in my head and still feel that I love that particular person, just for being a part of my life and loving me back once upon a time.



I recently read an article about marriage and love, where I found this part particularly spot on: “A good partnership is not so much one between two healthy people (there aren’t many of these on the planet), it’s one between two demented people who have had the skill or luck to find a non-threatening conscious accommodation between their relative insanities.”


Of course I am, as most people, secretly going around waiting for one person who fits me like a hand in a glove. You might find it contradictory (which it probably is) that I believe in love, but that I’m also struggling so much to be properly committed to someone.


The thing is, I know that one day there will be someone who makes me feel like there is no one else, someone I just can’t be without. Someone who I don’t have to give up myself for. And that’s probably what I would call a soulmate.


I hope at least some of you can relate to what I’ve brought up in this post. As I said before, there are so many different perspectives on the subject and I’m still trying to work out my own views and feelings myself.
But what I do know is this. I have loved, I have been in love, I have fallen out of love, and probably everything in between. And I won’t stop doing this as long as I’m living, since I believe it’s the very reason that I stay alive.






After being at home in Sweden for more than half a year (this is actually a big accomplishment for me), I’ve started to long for some adventure and traveling again. There are probably thousands of places I would like to visit in the world, but three of them are making my travel-heart pound a little bit harder at the moment.

There are so many things about Cali that appeals to me right now. Long beaches, big waves, sunsets, drives along the coastline. I guess it’s one of those places that kind of resembles the idea of ‘paradise’.
However, all the superficiality, money, luxury and fame that is connected to places like LA and Las vegas, is not at all what intrigues me. I’m rather curious about the more ‘down to earth’ scene that California has to offer, where there also seems to be lots to explore when it comes to meditation, yoga and wellbeing in general.
If I decide to travel this autumn or winter, this will definitely be one of my first options.



I’ve already had the pleasure of visiting India with my family when I was younger, and ever since then I’ve wanted to go back. It’s a place where many people go to ‘find themselves’, explore their spirituality and learn about a whole other culture.
I still remember the postcard-like view of the beaches where we stayed, the lovely and kind people, the incredible food and the warm ocean.
I’m of course aware that a trip to India often also includes a lot of annoying tourism, unbearable heat, dirt and slum, people trying to trick you and other unpleasant things. But most people who have been there seem to think that it’s all worth it anyway, that it’s part of the learning experience. So far, I would agree with that.
Hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m back rediscovering this inspiring place.


For some reason I’ve had such an intense craving for Italy during the last year. I’m most definitely not alone in that though, since Italy is known as one of the most romantic, pleasurable places on earth. I would especially love to visit Tuscany, a stunning part of Italy full of history, beautiful villages, landscapes and vineyards, and an incredible seaside.
I’m imagining lots of amazing food, warm summer nights by the sea, stylish people, countryside walks and boys on vespas. Not to mention the language itself. How dreamy.

Besides that, I have my eyes on Cuba, South America, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zeeland, Cicily, Spain, Hungary, Iceland, and so on. Hopefully I’ll have time for a few small adventures this summer, and then towards autumn I will start planning some bigger trips.
What are your top 3 destinations?