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I have to say I’m completely in love with this new white swan-like blouse. Perhaps because it reminds me of Odette in the Swan Princess, which was my favourite Disney film when I was little.
Anyway, it’s minimal with a twist, so no wonder it instantly became a favourite.
White blouse Weekday
Shorts Monki
Suede bag Vintage
Sandals Unknown





Nowadays there’s definitely a bigger demand for natural and organic products in the beauty industry – but there’s still a lot of work to do.
Many products are marketed as ‘natural’ but when you look closer it’s often just 20-50 % natural ingredient.
When I use chemical beauty products I often wonder what happens to it and what effect it has on my surroundings, and on myself. Which ocean or ground is being polluted, what animals are being poisoned, and what actually happens in my body when the chemicals are absorbed by my skin?

So! I would like to spread the word, that it’s actually possible to be 100 % natural.
I’ve met up with the team from Clearlife and they are in the same way as I am, working towards spreading the message of a healthier and more natural way of life, both on the inside and the outside.
Speaking of which – It’s funny, how we often separate what’s inside of our bodies and what’s visible on the outside. When the two are so clearly connected. Everything you put into your body, will eventually show on your appearance.
In the same way, everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. This is why it’s so incredibly important for us to care equally about what we eat, drink, and put on our skin.
I often talk about organic, nutritious food and natural supplements, but today I would like to focus on the outside. On what we can choose as an alternative to all the chemicals we usually put on our face, body and in our hair.
It can be hard to swap to 100 % natural products all at once, and as I mentioned the market for it is only growing in a slow pace. But I still recommend exploring what else is out there.
I discovered Clearlife by coincidence a while ago, and I’m now trying out some of their 100 % natural beauty products.

A little introduction to what Clearlife is all about (unfortunately their website is only for Sweden, but make sure to do some research for similar web shops in your country)
Choose among organic and natural products for skin care, hair care, supplements, superfoods, raw food and much more. With Clearlife you are always natural, organic and sustainable. All products are vegetarian or vegan and contain no animal remains, they are totally against animal testing.
All of these facts will hopefully soon be something very obvious and ever present in the beauty industry, but for now we’ll just have to look twice.
Here are a few of the products I’m using at the moment:

  • Argan oil – Ever since I did a hair treatment with Argan oil a few years ago, this one has been my best tip for dry hair. (I apologise beforehand for sounding like an annoying hair-commercial) but this oil really makes my hair super soft and shiny!!


  •  Really good hair oil – This one is also such a goodie! It includes all the best oils, like sesame, avocado, and coconut to name a few. Moisturises and protects your hair, amongst other really good things.


  • Raw Gaia face cream with hemp oil – Here’s a lovely all natural face cream that suits all skin types. However, it works especially well on me since it includes Hemp oil which is great for rosy and easily irritated skin, just like mine.


  • 100 % natural Schampoo and Conditioner – I was actually surprised at how well these worked on my hair considering there are no chemicals whatsoever. The Shampoo foams and cleanes like any other, and the Conditioner moisturises and keeps my hair soft, both with a lovely scent of mint.


  • Fruit pigment mascara – This almost feels like what they used in the olden days, but why not? This mascara works perfectly, just like any other mascara I’ve tried. As a bonus, it has a sweet smell of blueberries. Brilliant.

Browse away dearies! Fingers crossed for a more natural future xx



pjimage (8)
Hi dearies. Life’s moving along at a quick pace, as it always does during summer. It almost scares me a bit, but at the same time I see it as a good sign. It means that I’m having fun. However, a combination of me having issues with my computer and with creativity in general, there is now a temporary echo here on the blog.
Just as last year around this time, there’s something urging me to stay away from screens and focusing on my surroundings. On feeling, seeing, learning and experiencing.  I’m quite positive I’ll be back on track soon though, so don’t you worry.
To get things rolling again, here is a little list of things I would – if I could.
If I would have endless money I would:
– Travel to all the places I want to visit and do all of those crazy expensive things that you would like to do when traveling. Get myself a really nice apartment with wooden floors and high ceiling. Buy a house for my mum by the sea in France. Donate a ridiculous amount of money to all kinds of organisations. Take over all the businesses that are ruining our planet, and then destroy them :))
If I could change face with a celebrity for one day I would choose:
Because of her timeless features, definitely Kate Moss.
If I could play one instrument really well it would be:
– The piano perhaps. Such an elegant instrument. Either that or something completely unpredictable, like a panpipe.
If my name wasn’t Louise, I would want it to be:
– I change favourite names all the time, but right now I’m quite fond of the name Jane.
pjimage (9)

If I was only aloud to listen to one band for the rest of my life it would be:
– Alt-j. I can’t seem to get enough of them.
If I could create my own piece of clothing I would:
– Create the ultimate winter coat, that keeps you warm but doesn’t make you look like a giant marshmallow.
If I could relive one day of my life I would:
– Last summer when I lived at the yoga retreat in Denmark, I spent a whole day by the beach with the rest of the volunteers, jumping in the water, playing silly games, dancing around in the sand, meditating and being completely present. That to me was invaluable.
If I could change three things in my appearance I would have:
– As I’m now obligated to disregard my belief that we are all great just the way we are, I would probably choose to have less redness in my skin, longer, thicker and less dry hair, and better vision so that I wouldn’t have to wear glasses all the time.
If I could change my job tomorrow I would work with:
– As I currently have no clue of what I want to do in the future, it’s really hard to say. Spontaneously I would say that the dream is to get payed to travel around the world and try out top hotels and restaurants. On a more serious note, probably something to do with health, environment and wellbeing.
pjimage (11)

If I had a superpower it would be:
– To be surrounded by a forcefield that adjusts itself depending on what I want or need. Temperature, weather, sounds, lighting, etc. It would also protect me from any dangers or anything unwanted. Oh how much easier life would be!
If I had to live in another city for the rest of my life, I would live in:
– Preferably something small and still in Scandinavia, like Malmö or Copenhagen. Both cities are innovative and modern, yet very cosy and picturesque.
Besides that I would maybe consider something on the coast of California.
If I only could eat one dish for the rest of the week, I would eat:
– Coconut noodle soup with tofu. Always.
pjimage (12)

If I would have to cheat, it would be with:
– Definitely Liam Hemsworth. He’s such a goodie.
If life would end on Sunday I would:
– Besides being confused in general and probably crying a lot, I would spend all of my money on nice experiences and good food, watch my favourite movies and listen to my favourite music, get drunk one last time, spend a whole day at a spa, and of course spend all of my time with my friends and family.


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Every year, us Swedes celebrate the brightest day of the year with a little holiday called Midsummer. It’s the best. Probably my favourite holiday of the whole year actually. But I have to say, this year was even a bit extra special.
Me and my bestie squad decided to spend the weekend at Anna’s summer house on an island in the archipelago of Gothenburg. This is literally the perfect place to celebrate midsummer and get that feeling of 100 % Swedish idyll.
As expected, we ended up having the most beautiful and hilarious days together. Let’s have a look.
pjimage (1)

First we all jumped into Anna’s little boat and headed off towards the right side of the island.
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I was fully enjoying myself, finally having a weekend off work. Wearing my best red dress and my new cosy knit.

It’s tradition to wear flower crowns, so we all looked very dashing.
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Walked through the little picturesque village on the island
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And arrived at the house. Then we all got settled, had a few powernaps, and started getting the food ready.
pjimage (2)

How dreamy is this villa! Couldn’t have picked a better place.
pjimage (7)

*Very pleased*
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And couldn’t complain on the view either. If you ever go to Gothenburg, please make sure to visit the archipelago. Needn’t say why.
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All set with flower crowns, feeling fabulous. However it seems like the sharp sun resulted in me having a slight bitchface.
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Anna and Anton laying out plates for the feast!
pjimage (3)

Then we all gathered around the table to have the most amazing food. Swedish potatoes with pickled herring, vegetarian skewers, beetroot pie, avocado salad, crawfish, egg halves, fresh bread and aioli. And a ridiculous amount of schnaps.
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We also did a little trip with the boat to a tiny empty island, where Susanna and Anna bravely had a dip in the ocean.
pjimage (5)

Mathias posing in his right element.
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Everything is just so visually appealing in this type of environment.
Like a painting. Gotta love nature <3
pjimage (6)

We played Kubb in the garden (we all sucked at it), sang vividly to our favourite power ballads and got the right and wrong amount of intoxicated.
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Played silly 00’s hits from our childhood, danced around for hours in the rain, and had some  good deep-talks until the sun went up.
What it all comes down to is that I love these people to the moon and back. We have all made a vow that we’ll spend every midsummer together from now on.