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So it actually happened! Warwick finally came to visit me here in Gothenburg.
When I lived in Melbourne for half a year during 2013, I spontaneously met Warwick on a road trip up the east coast. After that we spent pretty much every day together for a few months, until I finally decided to leave Australia and go back home to Sweden.
And what a heartbreak it was, to have met someone so special and then to suddenly have half the world between us. I remember crying the whole way back to Europe until I fell asleep on the plane from pure exhaustion. Nothing hurts quite like being apart from someone you really love.
It’s pretty common for people who live in different parts of the world to loose touch with each other after a while, but in this case we actually managed to stay somewhat in each others lives. Praise the lord for Skype and Messenger.
And now, almost 3 years later, Warwick showed up at the central station here in Gothenburg after his long Europe-trip, and spent a week here before heading back home to Australia again.
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I got to be a proper city tour guide for a whole week and took him to my favourite places in Gothenburg. The weather was pretty great and even though I still was a bit sick, we managed to tick quite a lot of boxes. For example, we went to the beautiful palm house in the center of the city.

He’s such a funny one, this one. And a bit silly, too. But I love him for it and I guess it might be because I’m secretly just as silly.
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Strolled through the idyllic streets of Haga, looked around my favourite shops and cafés, walked over the big city bridge, had sushi by the harbour, went for a dip at the seaside by the archipelago, went for drinks and balcony hang outs with my besties, and so on.
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Also happened to have some really great food during this week, at Da Matteo amongst other places. Warwick was craving sallad and I was craving pizza.
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One of the last days we met up with Elsa and decided to go to the Botanical gardens.
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A good excuse for me to spend some time closer to nature. I constantly have to remind myself how important that is, especially when living a typical city life.
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When you introduce one best friend to another and they get along really well <3 Such a good feeling. We walked through the park, pass the little waterfall and up on the hilltop where we cuddled in the sun for a bit.

Besides that we spent some time at my house just hanging out, reading, cooking food, sunbathing in the garden and watching the whole season of Stranger things (best thing I’ve seen in a long time!!)
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Mum had picked masses of sweet plums from our plum tree and left in a wheelbarrow for our neighbours. Nom nom.

Suddenly a week had passed and it was time for our goodbye. Of course, this time around it wasn’t as hard, since we both were very prepared for it. And probably also because we now know for sure that our connection will be the same no matter what happens or how much time passes.
But I have to say, a few days after Warwick left I could really feel his absence in my whole body. Almost like regaining a part of yourself only to loose it again soon after.
It’s really a strange thing, having someone so close to you being so far away. But when you reconnect like this, even if just for a short time, you just know that it will always be worth it.



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Oh wow. This custom made swivel pouch from Alfie Douglas showed up on my doorstep the other day, and I have to say, I was as excited as if it was made of chocolate (almost looks like it even). To be honest it even makes me look forward to autumn a little, matching this dark coco colour with lots of earthy and natural tones.
Such a good and simple design, yet it’s made personal with my very own initials ‘LW’ engraved in it, all handmade in London.



cEvery year around mid August, there is a big music festival here in Gothenburg called Way Out West. People from all over the world come here for the festival and it’s almost become somewhat of a yearly tradition for us Gothenburgians.
Whether you actually attend the festival or not, you always end up having a great weekend, since pretty much the whole city blooms during Way Out West. This year me and Ebba had the pleasure of going together with Asos, which made the whole thing even more fancy and fun. Felt like a princess.
To start off the weekend I got picked up by a cab at my house and a moment later got dropped off at the Bellorca terass for the Asos launch brunch (acted like this was nothing particularly special but was definitely jumping up and down inside). Ebba was waiting for me there and we joined the others for some food and cocktails. Such a brilliant way to start the day.


Very satisfied, full and a little tipsy, we headed off to the festival.
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Met up with my crew of besties, and had the standard hang out outside of the festival area with lots of cuddles and bubbly.

Then the weekend was officially on the roll. We went to a private gig with Gustav Norén in a submarine, danced around the whole Way Out West area, and saw José Gonzales play in the middle of the forest.

The last two days it was raining like crazy, so I wore black from top to toe before covering myself completely in a plastic rain poncho.

Got soaking wet and drenched in mud pretty much everywhere, flirted and took selfies with my favourite Paradise Hotel contestant, got up to lots of mischeif with Susanna (as usual) saw M83, The tallest man on earth, Zara Larson, Ane Brun, Sia, Seinabo Sey and other goodies, danced until my legs hurt, and got way too little sleep. Just as it should be.
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Not very surprisingly, I was pretty exhausted on the Sunday and ended up getting a really bad cold. That’s kind of what you expect after a weekend like this. It was totally worth it though. Already looking forward to next year <3





Last week I decided that it was time to visit the other half of my family over in England, so I got on a plane and shortly after arrived in my so called second home. Spent two days in Northampton with my grandma and grandpa, catching up on life, reading lots, eating custard tarts, watching BBC, and even getting a yoga lesson from grandpa (yes, he’s a 84 year old yoga teacher). They really are two impressive elders, as healthy as ever and still living quite interesting and eventful lives.
Then we went to my uncle’s place in Dorchester, a little town in Dorset on the south coast of England. It was a special wish of mine since I’m absolutely in love with this part of the country, with its long beaches, hills and steep cliffs.
I also got to spend some quality time with my little cousins (who are not so little anymore!). It can sometimes seem strange to have family living in another country and not getting to see them so often, which is why I find it especially important to make the effort to visit them now and then. It’s always worth it since I have so many lovely family members.
Finally, I stayed with my dad at his place in Bristol, where we usually spend a lot of time when in England. Bristol is such a good city, especially when it comes to things like culture, art and media.
However one of my favourite things about traveling around the UK, is the actual experience of driving through the countryside. Looking at all the wide fields, the cows and sheep, stopping at cute little country cafés and idyllic villages.
I absolutely love everything about it. Can’t wait to be back soon again.