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As most of you probably know, I’m a sucker for collecting classic and timeless pieces in my wardrobe. Since denim is one of those materials that will never go out of style, I wanted to create a wonderfully simple and casual look using just that. And what would be more suiting than to feature the denim brand Nudie jeans, which was founded in my very own hometown, Gothenburg.
So I went to one of their Gothenburg stores and had the privilege of trying on lots of good jeans, twisting and turning to see what fits me the best. I really appreciated the amount of help I got to really find the perfect pair, since trying denim can be quite a tricky mission.
I ended up finding a super classic pair of black skinny jeans, and a brilliant jacket to go with it. A look that works in pretty much any type of everyday-situation, and has a very ‘Gothenburg autumn’ feel to it.
For any of my fellow Swedes, I would really recommend visiting one of the Nudie stores. You can also find them in most big cities like New York, Berlin, Oslo, Melbourne, London etc.






I don’t know if it’s because I slept too little last night, but I’m feeling a little emotional today. Just like that aunt or uncle who tells you that you’ve grown up so fast and sheds a little tear, I look at my younger self and think that, yes Lou, you really are growing up so quickly.
My year as a 21-year old has been quite the adventure, but most of all I’ve learnt to be kind to myself, to take care of myself and to focus on the basics of what really makes me happy.
Nothing particular is supposed to happen when turning 22 years old, but I have a feeling that this one too will be a very special age  to experience.
I’ll spend this day appreciating the incredible people I have in my life, the amount of love I’m getting, the love I’m able to give to others, and of course to myself.
Happy birthday little Lou, now twenty-two.




Last weekend I decided to travel down towards Denmark, and on the way I made sure to stop by at my sister’s place in Malmö. I lived there for a bit last winter and realised how great this little city really is.
Firstly, it’s such a good size. Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, but it’s still small enough to get around with your bike. It has a lovely has a lovely harbour, seaside and lots of old, idyllic buildings in the center.


The weather was great (still can’t believe how amazing the whole of september has been!), so me and my sister grabbed a bike each and cycled to the ocean.


My best person.

When you get to the water Malmö suddenly looks a lot like Denmark, with very modern buildings inspired by Danish design.

Not so surprising, since Copenhagen is just a half hour train ride across the bridge.

Such a great spot for a dip, just 10 minutes from the center of the city.
I love these little visits, so that even though me and my sister live in different cities we still get to see each other once in a while.
After a night in Malmö, I went over to Denmark to visit the ashram/ eco-farm where I lived for two months last summer. More on that soon <3




On Monday I’m turning 22 years old. Since I haven’t celebrated my birthday properly in a few years, this year I’d like to make it a thing. The day when I turned 20 was quite shitty to be honest, and my 21st was fine but hardly noticeable. So now when turning 22, I’m treating myself to lots of good things (this list is mostly what I want to buy for myself actually). Here we go.


  • A good pair of headphones so that I can finally have proper sound when being on the go.

  • Hats. For some reason I’ve got a thing for them recently.

  • Plants of all sorts for my bedroom. Preferably even a small tree.

  • Big flower bouquets with lots of greens and whites.

  • Time for myself spent in the countryside.

  • Minimal jewellery, maybe with a nice symbol that represents me well.

  • A new bike. One which is both good and good looking.

  • A new tattoo. Just a little simple one, but of significance.

With that said, I’d like to add a thanks to myself in advance! And happy birthday to all of you fellow September kids <3




I finally made some time for myself to travel down south, and started by staying at Anna’s place in Lund for one night. Since it was one of those rare, sunny late summer evenings, we decided to go to a little coastal town outside of Lund, called Lomma. We sat down on the warm sand, had some dinner and popped a bottle of bubbly.
Note. Prepare yourself for a lot of sunsets in this post.

Love this one. Anna really is such a ray of sunshine. She left us all to go study in Lund and we already miss her so much, so it was good to catch up a little.

Can’t even describe how magical the sunset was. Not a cloud in sight, lots of sailing boats on the horizon and birds in the sky.

I wore my favourite little red bathing suit.


It really felt like being on vacation in some tropical country. Sunsets like these are normally quite hard to find here in Sweden, but I guess we were lucky.





As if that wasn’t enough, we turned around and spotted the full moon in all its glory, right above the chimneys.
I imagine that we both looked like the little emoji with heart-eyes during pretty much the entire evening.

The next day we walked through the little fairytale streets of Lund, said our goodbyes and Anna rode away on her bike to her University.
All warm and happy, I got on the train and headed onwards to Malmö. Such a good way to start off the weekend.




One of the best things about living at home in Gothenburg, is that I can spend lots of time with all the fabulous ladies that I have in my life. Yesterday I met up with Susanna, got some ice coffee and sat on a bench, catching up on the latest news.
She’s such a little wonder woman this one. Juggling several jobs, writing journalism, studying, attending events, doing trips here and there, and at the same time she manages to be a great friend.

Then we met up with Elsa who, as you probably already know, is just as wonderfully impressive. She should really have a medallion for everything she’s accomplished in life.

Together with these to favourite gals, we headed to a new café in the city called JOS (juice in swedish). Very cosy with lots of good stuff on the menu.


dsc_0045 dsc_0031

Elsa had this lovely sallad for example, nom nom.

Lurv this one to the moon and back.

And the girly-time didn’t end there. Met up with Ebba, got some take away sushi and headed to the city gardens, where we sat down by the river.
Ebba has just moved from Berlin to Gothenburg to study here, which feels super exciting. Like a breath of fresh air now that things are starting to slow down all around. She’s studying business within media and is almost the only female in her class amongst a bunch of cocky men. She will most likely be better than all of them, no doubt.

One of my favourite spots in the city. Can’t wait for the trees to turn yellow, and to share all my exciting autumn adventures will you all.



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Hi Monday and hi to you dearest ones!
To get this week going, here’s a little insight to things I find great and exciting at the moment.

  • I’m turning 22 in a few weeks! Not exactly sure what I’ll do to celebrate yet, but since my last two birthdays were away from home, this time it will for sure be with my family and friends.



  • We’re building an ‘outside room’ and a new terass at home! Can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this. To sit on a cosy couch with a book and a cup of tea, looking out on our autumn garden and hearing the rain pattering against the big glass windows.


  • Bon Iver has released new stuff! He has been one of my favourite artists for as long as I can remember, almost as if his music were like family to me. Recently he released some new stuff and I’m so in love with the song 33 “GOD”.


  • The thought that ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ will be premiering in November <3 I grew up with Harry Potter, just as many of you probably did as well, so this will be exciting for sure.

Besides that, things are going looking pretty good at the moment. Life is constantly being a complete rollercoaster. But I’m finding some smaller things to be excited about, and some bigger as well. I feel inspired once again and happy to be able to focus on this blog and keep on connecting with you all through it.
So, what’s exciting you at the moment?



Hi folks! I just came back from a brilliant weekend on the coast, celebrating Swedish ‘kräftskiva’ in a summer house with thirty lovely people. The best translation for Kräftskiva in English would probably be ‘crayfish party’. You basically eat lots of crayfish, drink lots of schnaps, sing silly songs and wear silly hats. Not sure why we do this, but at least it’s a lot of fun.
Bohuslän is such a beautiful part of Sweden, and the little village we stayed in really has an ultimate location. It’s situated right by the sea, surrounded by both forests, fields, mountains and valleys. Couldn’t really ask for more.

The seaside there is so picturesque, with all its little red houses and sailing boats along the shore.

Went for a swim, accompanied by these goodies.


Smiley and happy to be on a mini-vacation <3 I seriously had more dips in the ocean during this weekend than I’ve had the whole summer. Quite proud of myself.


Boys boys boys.




Spotted such a typical cliché of a Swede. Black clothes forever.

Then we went for a walk to check out Skärkäll, a little Eco-village nearby. This is actually where me and my sister plan to move sometime in the future. It’s basically a little community of artists and painters who live after ecological standard, with focus on self-sustainability and organic ways of living. So inspiring.



Hi Skärkäll.


Felt so calm as soon as I arrived at this place, as I always do in the countryside. Hearing nothing but the sound of the wind and the trees.

Sis and her boy being lovey dovey <3

Met these beauties on the way and stopped to say hi.

It was incredible to see that places like this really exist, with all its unique, fairytale-like houses, art studios and hippies peeping out of their homes to welcome us.
Despite its small size, there’s so much going on in Skärkäll. Everyone in the community engages in things like organic markets, art exhibitions, and every year they host a music festival in the area.


Hi lovely little lady.


We headed back to the house, played games in the garden, had some power naps, and started getting dinner ready.

The rest of the night we feasted on crayfish, danced to silly hits, went skinny-dipping in the dark, and even managed to see some phosphorescence in the ocean.
All and all, a very magical weekend indeed.