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Hi friends. Today I’ll be taking you on a little trip back in time, to when I was 15 years old and was madly in love with Paris and basically everything that had to do with being French. At that time, the bare mention of the Eiffel tower would make me squirm. Haven’t we all had a period like that at some point?
Anyhow, I finally decided to satisfy my longing so during 2010 I went to Paris three times in one year (basically every school break) and had the most cliché french movie-like trips you could ever imagine. The first trip together with Iris and Nika was the very best one, so that’s the one I’m sharing today. Here we go!

After watching Amelié about a trillion times, there wasn’t a single doubt in our minds that we wanted to stay somewhere in Montmatre.

As I mentioned, I had two of my favourite gals with me. Iris and Nika.

Hi Nika.

Hi Iris.
We stayed in a hostel in one of the narrow streets of Montmartre, in a room with a pretty view and a little french balcony.


I enjoyed wearing all black, smoking cigarettes and looking like an anguished and difficult french woman (at least that’s what I thought I looked like). Oh well, points for the effort.
Little Lou.

We went on little excursions everyday, making our way around Paris and finding our favourite spots.



Strolled along shopping streets. The straw hat was obviously a must.

Browsed through vintage shops and record stores.

Stopped for numerous coffees and creme brûlées.





Ate other good things like lemon-merengue tarts, baguettes, croissants, snails. You know, the usual stuff.



Went to some famous fancy macaron shop. Sadly I can’t remember the name of any of these places. Which I guess usually is the case with anything in the French language.

As if there wasn’t already enough clichés around, an old carrousel showed up out of nowhere. Very cute.

And of course we just had to sit there and pose for a minute.


Yes, you know what comes next. A little trip to the old tower.
So we finally arrived at the Eiffel tower, gazed at it a little too long, admired it a little too much, had a few beers, a picknick on the lawn, all the fun.


Little stunner.

I remember having this little moment by myself, sitting by the canal, listening to Yann Tiersen and feeling absolutely in love with this place.

Paris does that to you.

We also did a little trip with the subway train to an incredible graveyard where lots of famous people are buried. Once again, can’t remember the name. But it was damn pretty.



One of Nika’s wishes was to visit Jim Morrisons grave, and Nika made sure to leave a little origami bird with her kiss on it. Just look at this doll face. Jimmy would’ve blushed, I’m sure.

In the evenings there was less of taking photos and more fun of other sorts. Like drinking wine and eating tons of olives in our hotel room. So many that we could fill half a bottle with olive stones, as you can see.

We did all of those silly, rebellious things during this trip. The sort that you definitely shouldn’t do when you’re fifteen years old and definitely wouldn’t tell your parents about.
When we tried to get in to those Champs Elysees clubs, when we met those older men at that trashy bar, when I stayed over at that french guys apartment just before our morning flight home (Sschhh, don’t tell anyone).
All the red wine, the ciggarettes and mischeif. I really don’t recommend it kids! But it was great at the time.
Everytime I listen to Beirut, or see a boy with crooked nose and dark curly hair, or hear the sentence ‘Bonne nuit mon petit chat’, I will think about this trip and dream about doing it all again.



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Hi my dear fellow fall-lovers, let’s have a look at what I’ve been up to lately! Summer said bye for now, and I gladly embraced a new season with open arms. Even though this time of the year comes with a lot of darkness and stress for most people, I think it’s especially important to also focus at the good stuff.

Gothenburg can sometimes be quite a magical place, even in dull and dusky weather. You just have to find the right places to be. Here’s a favourite little hidden alleyway in the centre of the city.
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Essential occupation during fall: Having coffee with friends. Allt though in my case, they have coffee and I stick to my green tea. A cappuccino just happens to be more photogenic.

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How incredible are these flowers by the way? They look like they came straight from the Pandora forest. Can’t even cope. Want them all.
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Spending lots of time in Haga as usual, wandering around on cobble stones, always with an umbrella near at hand.

Browsing through vintage and antique shops.

Autumn. Just love the contrast in the colour palette of deep blues and greys, verses bright browns and yellows.
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More time spent in cafés. Sometimes alone, reading or working on my laptop.
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And sometimes with a bestie. Like Mikael for example. Love him to bits.
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Or lunch date with my darling Elsa.
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At home with cosy slippers and Cereal mag. These has been a lot of sitting at home working in the kitchen, surrounding myself by lit candles and moody music, so that the grey outside feels a little bit more manageable.

I’ve also been painting a lot, and finally added this one to my collection.
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Peppermint tea! Hot tip for cold days.

The trees in our garden are already completely packed with gorgeous winter apples. Warms my heart just looking at them. Mum made a crumbly apple pie, and I’m having fresh apple-ginger-carrot juice for breakfast every morning.
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Got myself a cosy big scarf and tried curling my hair for a day. Small variations like that can really brighten up my day.
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Last but not least, taking long walks in the big forest just five minutes from my house. One of my favourite and most special places. This photo was taken pretty recently but I can say that those green leaves are quite brown by now and are slowly starting to fall off.
How magical it is when the afternoon sun pierces through the woods and creates those bright, stripy patterns on the ground. Soon all the branches will be completely bare and the forest will appear slightly gloomier than usual, but just as enchanting.
With only two months left of 2016, I’m excited to see how this year will be rounded off.
Ps. Keep commenting and saying hi my dearies, so that I know someone’s there. It makes it all so much more meaningful.
Stay cosy!



Hi from a cosy Sunday Lou. Hope you all had a good week!
Here’s my little Sunday list.
What have you been doing today?
→ Had a lazy Sunday morning watching Gilmore Girls, a little autumn walk in the forest, and went to Ikea to get some stuff for our new outdoor room.
What have you been up to this weekend?
→  On Friday I met up with my bestie crew, had lots of gin & tonics and went out to silly techno clubs. Then I spent the whole Saturday at Susanna’s place with her and Ellen, watching Sex & the City, sleeping, talking, making lentil soup and having ice cream. Day well spent <3
What’s stressing you out?
→ The fact that we have at least six months of cold weather infront of us.
What’s easy at the moment?
→ Being at work. My colleagues are the best, and I love the feeling of being useful.
What are you having for dinner?
→ Probably veggie coconut thai noodles. And some salted caramel chocolate ice cream.
Where would you be today if you could choose?
→ In a cosy ski-cabin in the alps.
What would make you cry today?
→ If Justin Vernon showed up in my room and played all of my favourite Bon Iver songs.
What was the last thing that made you angry?
→ Boys being stupid and hopeless, as usual.
Favourite Friday track?
→ Playing Sunset lover by Petit Biscuit on repeat today.






So, it seems like I’m the type of person who really prefers wearing black in all types of situations, even on hot summer vacations.
Just can’t help it.  Black always works. Don’t you agree?




On Saturday morning we woke up and had some free time before heading out on more adventures with the rest of the crew. Me and Ebba got to enjoy the pool a little and found this little floating house, wish I had one of those at home.

After lunch we all gathered and got a bus to the harbour, where a boat waited. It was one of those old boats with a big brown steering wheel, very romantic indeed.

While onboard we managed to get the very best spot, as you can see.

The first stop on our trip was this Greek little village. It was almost a bit scary how quiet it was there, not a person in sight. But oh so picturesque.





These flowers reminded me so much of when I went to Greece with my family as a little girl. The bright red colour creates such a nice contrast amongst all the white.

Then we headed on to the boat again and went to a private island. I was obviously enjoying myself.





There, we went around shooting a bit and generally admiring the wild nature, warm sand and the turquoise water.
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Finally back at the hotel, we rested for a bit, got ready and then went to the main launch party, where we had a lovely 6 course dinner and watched the sun go down.
On Sunday morning, we got up early, said goodbye to this dreamy place and went back home to Sweden.
All and all, an incredible weekend! So thankful that I got to be a part of this and enjoy a little extra luxury.




I grew up thinking that I was a big city girl at heart, that my hometown in Sweden was way too small for my big dreams and that one day, I would definitely live in either Paris, New York or London. A classic teenager’s way of thinking, in other words.
Don’t get me wrong, now and again I love exploring big, vibrant cities where you feel like something exciting will turn up around every corner. But there are always a few things missing which I feel are crucial to my happiness. First and foremost, it’s my need of being close to nature.
With that, I don’t mean visiting a crowded park next to a city apartment.
I mean, sitting in the middle of a big field out in the countryside, walking in a big leafy forest by yourself, or swimming in the sea by a long empty beach. Things like that.
When I do those things, that’s when I feel at peace with everything. That’s when I’m able to reconnect with nature, and most importantly with myself. Without any distractions. It’s also when I fully notice and appreciate how beautiful our planet really is. When it’s untouched (not that easy to find nowadays unfortunately).
I remember last time I was England and had to make a stop in London, I went straight to a park and spent most of my day there lying in the grass and reading my book, secluded from the whole big city madness.
I had the same feeling when I lived in Berlin. That feeling of knowing deep within that this is not where I belong. When I then decided to leave and instead go live in the Danish countryside, I instantly knew something fell into place within me. I felt inspired, content with myself, and safe, as if I’ve just come home. Never do I feel as at home as when I’m in the middle of nature, surrounded by the trees, the fields, the wind and the sea. As if they are all my family, and I am theirs.

Nowadays I’m back living in my hometown, Gothenburg, and it’s almost like this city is too big for me now. Of course, I do love having quick access to cafés, stores and other things that you can’t find in the countryside. But what actually makes living here bearable to me, is that Gothenburg also has quite a slow pulse and lots of nature around every corner. The fact that I have a big forest just five minutes from my house really makes all the difference.
My big city dreams have now been replaced with dreams of countryside living, and I feel sure now that that’s where my future lies.
I’m quite curious about how others see this, is there such a thing as city people/ nature people? Or do we all actually have an underlying, primitive connection to nature that some of us choose to ignore, but actually need?





A sneeky little look at this camel trench. Probably one of my favourite colours.

More of this soon! Stay tuned dearies.





It’s here, and we all know it. I can feel the cold wind trying to pierce through all of my knitted layers. The smell of chestnuts and firewood surrounds me as I walk around town, all wrapped in my big scarf.
Autumn came over a day, but I really can’t complain. I love the magical and melancholic feeling that comes with this season.
Somehow it felt obligatory to compile a little autumn list, so here it is.
Cosy things to do:
Sitting outside of cafés with lots of blankets, drinking lots of tea, reading good books, having movie marathons with friends, lighting candles and taking long forest walks.
The best autumn clothes:
Knits, obviously. Turtlenecks. Generally anything that keeps you warm without making you look like a big lump.
What’s on my TO-DO list:
Do my back muscle workouts regularly to strengthen my back. Apply for schools. Finish a few paintings. Go to at least one good Halloween party.
Best music for rainy days:
Nothing really beats cosy and moody autumn music to me, so here’s my very own Autumn Spotify playlist with the best of the best. You’re welcome <3
What series to watch:
This time of the year I love watching stuff like Downton Abbey and Twin Peaks. Then again I also enjoy cheesy things like Gossip Girl, Once upon a time and New girl.
And of course if you haven’t already seen Stranger Things, you certainly must go do it now.
Movies to watch:
There are so many good movies with an autumn feel to them! The classic is of course Dead poets society. Watching the Harry Potter series once again is also a safe card.
Besides that, here are some favourites – Cold Mountain, Rushmore, American Beauty, Legends of the fall, The vigin suicides.
Best things to eat:
Soup! Of any kind really. Anything to do with mushrooms. Root vegetables. Cinnamon buns. Nom nom.

With that said, I’d like to wish you all a beautiful fall, with lots of good feelings <3