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Me and my big sister Olivia both had our birthdays quite recently and decided to give each other a spa day away to enjoy together. We both love prefer experiences rather than material things, so this was perfect.
The little town Kivik is located in a southern part of Sweden called Österlen, known for its beautiful coastline and great retreats.

We found this little fairytale-like spa hotel right by the sea. *heart-eye emoji*

This is my incredible, beautiful, sister. And best friend. Olivia (or ia, as I call her) is three years older than me, lives in Malmö and works as a media communicator. She’s one of the smartest, most driven, kindest and strongest people I know of. In other words, the ultimate sister. Although a bit bossy sometimes.

Being close to the sea has always been one of the most important things in our lives, so we both thrived in this environment.



Hi. I could live here.
It’s almost as if I got my favourite colour pattern from this exact setting. Natural shades of blue, green, brown, sand, whites and darks. The best.


We walked around the town and found a little market, full of local produces.



Had a look around the hotel garden and enjoyed the incredible view.


Later in the evening it was time for some real spa-time. We scrubbed, peeled, treated ourselves with facial masks and hair masks, relaxed in the jacuzzi, and got all mushy in the sauna. The rest of the evening was spent having a lovely dinner in our hotel room, talking about our lives and future dreams, meditating a bit and falling asleep like two little babies.

In the morning we enjoyed the crucial hotel breakfast <3 Then we packed our bags and headed back to Malmö, where I spent the rest of the weekend at my sister’s place.
I’m not the type of person who treats myself to these things that often, but I’m trying to get better at it. This time it was definitely worth it.




Yes, my friends. You heard right. I’m on Youtube!
I’ve officially entered the world of video logs. And what a peculiar world it is!
Ever since I started working with social media, I’ve felt that there is so much more to me than just the images I post. There are so many things I feel passionate about, things I want to share to the world.
Sharing videos means exposing a lot more of myself and being a lot more vulnerable. But I always enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and I really believe that this could be something truly great. Don’t you agree?
Right now I just need you all to be my cheerleaders for a bit, so that I’ll actually have the courage to continue with all of this. Thanks <3
So what else will you be watching on Loutube? That’s something we’ll have to figure out together along the way. All I can say is, there are a trillion things I’d like to share with you all, and there are pretty much no limitations here!
How exciting is that? Just thinking about it makes me jump up and down inside.
I’ll show you my beauty hacks, take you with me on my travels, share my experiences and talk about all things I find exciting and important.
I’ll also be able to answer all of your questions in a much more personal way, so ask away already my dear ones!







Received a little package on the post the other day, with these beautiful pieces of jewellery from StillWithYou, handmade in Copenhagen. In my opinion, nothing beats Danish design. They just always seem to know what they’re doing.
I love wearing the type of jewellery that you never have to take off, because of its simplicity and delicate style. So this little silver lock collection fits me really well.

And knowing that those pieces have been crafted by two hands especially for you, really is such a special and rare thing in this world of mass consumption.
Find them here!.




Before the Flood
Watched this incredible and impactful new climate documentary by Leonardo Dicaprio. I’ve spoken a lot about climate change, environment and sustainability before, but this really inspired me to be even more engaged in the matter. Watch it for free on Youtube here!

Gilmore Girls
Rediscovered this wonderful and nostalgic tv series recently, and now I’m completely hooked once again. I love how the connection between Loralei and Rory represents all kinds of relationships between women. Motherhood, sisterhood, friendship and unconditional love. This really is the perfect cosy thing to watch during chilly autumn and winter days. And of course, who doesn’t love to follow Rory and all her boys. #teamjess

Pea & Mint Soup
I’m still in a period of making heaps of yummy soups for lunch and dinner, and this one sounds so goodie good. Better try it soon.

The Swedish Theory Of Love
Another documentary, this time about the society in Sweden and how we value independence so much, to the point where people live incredibly lonely and autonomous lives. The documentary itself is quite sad to watch but I still found it very interesting.

Shop Dôen
Completetly fell in love with the designs of this California-based brand, Dôen. Not only are all of their pieces incredibly beautiful and well made, but the women behind the brand are also really inspiring.


What else is up? The first snow has fallen and Gothenburg is seriously freezing at the moment. I’ve been dealing with some anxiety lately, which makes me consider getting into meditation properly again. Think I need to reconnect with myself a little.
Next year is creeping closer and there are a lot of big decisions to be made, but for now I’m just excited about enjoying a cosy christmas at home.
And don’t forget that it’s Monday friends. Monday = A whole new list of music on your Spotify discover weekly list. Good music can make any day so much better.




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dsc_9492 dsc_9528

Working the private detective look in this awesome Weekday coat. I would only need a magnifying glass and a briefcase to go fully Sherlock.
Out of all of my trenches, this might just be my favourite one.
Trench coat Weekday
Sweater H&M 
Bag Alfie & Douglas
Sneakers Beyene