I realise I’ve been sort of absent here on the blog and on my video channel as well.
I think a lot of the time I underestimate myself and think that no one really notices when I don’t post. Which I know deep down is not true, since I often do get such beautiful response from you who read my blog.
I came to a point where it felt more fulfilling to only focus on photography and Instagram, and so that’s what I did. Sometimes it just isn’t more complicated than that. For once in my life, I’m listening to myself, what I love, what I actually want to do. Not what other people expect from me. And you know what? So far it’s been so incredibly rewarding.
The fact is, that the more I’m up to and the happier I am, the less I write. But I figure it shouldn’t have to be that way. My writing comes from emotion, and feelings of strength, happiness and excitement should be just as important to share.
So now I just want to share that I’m actually both really excited and scared about life, that things are going by in a fast pace, and that first the first time (ever?) I feel that I know what I want and actually heading in the right direction. That’s pretty cool isn’t it.
Last but not least. I’d like to mention that I’m working on a new website! It will be kind of like leaving someone else’s old, broken, dark apartment, and moving in to a new, bright one that truly has my own name on the door.
It will still be louisewhitehouse.com, and it will still be me (more of me, hopefully).
Take care until then dearies, and I’ll keep you posted!
Love Lou