I was at my hairdresser the other day to keep working on my mission I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to hair and prefer to leave it as it is, natural, without heating and without any hair products.
Occasionally a ponytail when it’s warm outside or just a quick bun. But there are actually a few really simple hairstyles that I’ve started to try out lately.
I’ve collected a few of my favorites here, for example the top knot on the photo above.

Messy maiden-like twisted low pony

Hair down with low messy curls

High ponytail

And a low straight pony.
Besides that, I went to see my hairdresser Maya at Sassoon the other day. We’re working on changing my hair from frizzy-bleach to letting my natural dark blonde color grow out, together with blonde, healthy highlights.
The result is still not perfect since my roots have just started to grow out, but I think it’s definitely going in the right direction. I’ve been so inpatient and unkind to my hair during the last couple of years (more like since I was 11 years old) so now it’s time to finally do it the proper way.
There are so many things changing right now that it’s hard to keep up. Hopefully only changes for the better, and I’m getting excited about a lot of new projects, ideas and plans for the future. The great thing is that the blog will be a part of the journey and soon I will let you guys in on more of my everyday life here.