2016. A year which I would simply call ‘The year I found my way home’.
Not only because I’ve been living at home in my hometown Gothenburg, but because I actually felt happy about it for the first time ever. As a teenager I always had something against this place, as most people of that age feel about their hometown. But after years of traveling and living in other places, I finally learned to appreciate Gothenburg and realised that it truly is my home.

During the winter, I lived for a few months in Malmö in the south of Sweden. This was a very quiet and confusing period, and I honestly didn’t really know what I was doing there. But there were definitely some good moments. Malmö is a very inspiring and exciting city, despite its small size.


So as I mentioned, I decided to move back home to Gothenburg. I needed a safe place more than ever, to feel loved and appreciated (as we all do).
The great thing was that while I had been gone, some of my close friends had gotten to know each other, and a little bestie-crew was formed. As a bonus, I got to know some new people in this group who are now some of my best friends. Lucky me.
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As always during these cold and dark months, I longed for spring to come and invested in some new wardrobe pieces.
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The days slowly started getting brighter again and I soaked up every inch of sunlight I could find.
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Spent my days doing cosy things with Elsa, like visiting the palm house and going to cafés.

Had porridge with banana and peanut butter  for breakfast every morning, aka the ultimate winter-cure for being tired and cold.
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It started getting slightly warmer and it was possible (not really) to sit outside.
At this time, I had a job that I hated for a short while. But I got through it and that’s the most important thing.
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Went to Stockholm for a few days and had the best time catching up with my close friends who live there. Went for brunches and lunches and danced all night at silly techno clubs.


Natalie who lives in Stockholm, came home to Gothenburg for a visit and I was happy to have all of my best girls in one place.

May has always been one of my favourite months, and this year was no exception.
A wave of warmth, sunshine and summer-feelings suddenly appeared from nowhere and we enjoyed it to the fullest. I reached 20 k followers on instagram and did lots of exciting collaborations.
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Cherry trees blossomed <3
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Everything turned green and we wore light spring jackets.

Had sushi on the hill with babes.

Made awesome noodle dishes. Find the recipe here.
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Went for coffees at my favourite backyard café with Lina.
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And with Mikael.
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And with Elsa.
What can I say, I’m a regular.
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More bestie hang outs in the sun. Christoffer and Lina.
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Even the Cherry tree in our garden blossomed, and it made a lovely place to find shade under the sun.

Got a visit from Sofus, my best friend from when I lived at the yoga retreat in Denmark. Was so good to show him around Gothenburg.
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Was a real handy-gal and repainted my whole room. Was both a lot of fun, and freakin’ exhausting.
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It even got so warm that we could go to the ocean, and I found this darling little strawberry-red bathing suit.
Puh! That’s all from May. As you can see, there is quite a big contrast between winter and summer here in the north. Not only in our surroundings, but in our everyday lives too. We get the energy to actually do things, spend time outside, and time with each other.
So that was the first half of 2016. All and all, what dominated this first half year was the love for friendship. And for that, I’m incredibly thankful.

– Stay tuned for the other half of 2016 –