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Dear readers,
Christmas is here, it seems (how the hell did that happen?). I feel like it was summer just yesterday. Maybe time does actually go faster as you get older.
There are some of you out there who actually follow my blog, read what I write and appreciate what I do, and for that I’m so very thankful.
For some reason, I’ve never had much engagement from the people who follow me. I’m not sure why that is, maybe I haven’t been personal enough. But I’m trying my best.
However, there are a few of you who actually take the time to respond through comments etc. And that to me, is so much more valuable to me than the number of followers I have. I hope you know that. As a creative being, my will to inspire and share is what drives me to continue. Even though it often feels hopeless and like I’m just wasting my time. At those times, your respons is what proves me wrong.
So, thank you for everything.
This Christmas, it’s almost as if things are standing completely still. I’m in a weird place where I know a lot of things will change in my life very soon, and I’m just waiting for it to happen. ‘The calm before the storm’, you could say, but maybe not as dramatic as that sounds.
I will try to be patient and enjoy what is now. Christmas always has potential to be a very loving and cosy holiday, if you make the most of it. So let’s try to do that.
Merry Christmas my dear ones. Hope you’ll all have a lovely end to the year, and stay tuned for more 2016-recaps.
AND of course, if you haven’t already seen it, here’s my latest little video where I’m making my all time favourite skin cream.

xxx LOU xxx