The Crown
For those of you you, like me, love costume dramas – this is a new good-goodie. It’s amazingly well done and I find it interesting to watch since it actually tells the real story of when Elizabeth became queen of England.

3D printing!
Ebba got invited to do a 3D print of herself, how cool is that?! It freaks me out a little how much it actually looks like her. The future is coming! Soon we will all have a mini-me each on our shelves. Also, make sure to check out Ebba’s youtube channel here <3


Well, if you’re from Scandinavia you have definitely heard about Skam. If not, you probably live under a rock. However for the rest of you who might not have heard about it, Skam is a Norwegian tv series about a group of teens who go to Highschool in Oslo. The series has blown up in the whole of Scandinavia and is definitely one of the best and most touching things I’ve seen in a long time.
Ps. If you google ‘English subtitles’ you’ll most likely find a page where you can watch it.

Fågelvik Castle
I’m not kidding when I say that this is my ABSOLUTE DREAM HOME. EVER.
A collection of houses on the east coast of Sweden, placed on what almost looks like a little island. This place is literally flawless from every angle. It has everything I would ever ask for in a home. You’ll know what I mean if you browse through the images here.
Just look at the kitchen! And the view! If I would live there, I think I would be happy for the rest of my life.

I discovered a lovely new band called Postcards. They haven’t released a lot of songs, but I love what I’ve heard so far. If you like Fleet Foxes, this definitely is the right band for you. Listen to their EP here.

Baby pigs
If you’re feeling a bit low, or your Monday’s just a drag, or if you want a motivation to stop eating meat, or if you just want a reason to smile, a really good way to spend your time is to look at cute baby-pig photos and videos. Works every time.

La La Land
I’m SO EXCITED about this movie. Ryan Gosling? Emma Stone? Musical? That’s pretty much all I need to know.