There is so much I want to say about our trip around California, but how can I, when I’ve been feeling and experiencing so many new things every single day for two whole months?


It’s as if you would read a whole stack of completely different short stories and then try to summarise them all to another person. At the same time, these stories are all linked together somehow and merge into something I can’t even look at objectively.


I’m now sitting on the plane home to Sweden, feeling like two months went in the blink of an eye.

A little tired, perhaps from the sun burn that appeared after I had sunbathed stubbornly for too many hours in the California sun, just before the flight.

Somewhere on the way to the airport, I came to the conclusion that there is no point of me reflecting on the concept of time, since I know it would just get my head in a knot. Yet here I am, all puzzled and confused by the fact that our trip is coming to an end.


You would think I’m used to being an emotional mess by now, but still I’m almost surprised when I feel myself completely tearing up in my airplane seat. My heart busts by the bare thought of the beautiful, interesting, smart and kind people who we met on the road. Who opened their homes to us, let us sleep on their couches, brought us on the most incredible adventures and shared their knowledge and stories with us.


I know that I’ll get over it. Just as I’ve done all those times before, when leaving people I’ve come to love and not knowing if or when I’ll ever see them again.

It’s the transition that is the hardest part. I know that.


I have photos, notes, little reminders. Memories of each and every little moment, with every person I now hold dear.
And the best thing about memories is of course, that I get to keep them with me, always.