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Hi dearies!

Well, I'm not really a new Lou to be honest. I'm the same old me. But a new website doesn't hurt!

I want this to be more than just a blog. Here you can now find my portfolio, a collection of my images, my videos, my stories and of course, my writing.

As with new changes, you sometimes have to leave old things behind. Therefore all posts from my old blog will disappear, BUT I've collected my favourite ones and put them into posts here. If there's a post or text from my old blog that you're missing, make sure to let me know.

I'm also happy to say that I've created a print shop here on my website, so you can now purchase my images as files for print or web use. If you'd like to buy a ready-made print with my signature, send me a message here and I'll see what I can do.

I really do feel so excited about this since my highest wish is to be able to live of my photography, and all support of my work is so very appreciated.

I'll be sharing my thoughts, feelings and visual stories as usual. Hope you'll find the time to peak in here once in a while to see what I'm up to!

Lots of love,



Meanwhile, for those of you who don't know me so well, here's an old list of 15 very random facts about me:

1 I happen to be a very up-in-the-clouds type of person, always daydreaming about something and rarely paying attention to things that seem irrelevant to me. This unfortunately, also makes me quite clumsy. It’s not too rare that I drop or loose things, walk into things or forget things. I used to walk into the shelf in my room with my head every morning (I know, I should probably consider moving the shelf). 2 Historical period dramas are one of my biggest weaknesses. If a movie is set in the period of 1700-1920, I’ve most likely seen it, perhaps twice even. I guess it’s no surprise then saying that I absolutely love everything that has to do with Jane Austen and her stories. Pride and Prejudice is (Yes, you can laugh all you want) my favorite film of all time. 3 I’m half English, quarter Swedish and quarter French. The names Louise and Amelie come from the French side of the family, and Whitehouse is a British name from my dad’s side. I’ve visited my family in England almost every year since I was born and I feel a very strong connecting to Britain, so I’ll definitely consider moving there in the future. I’m also very curious about my French roots and I’m constantly dreaming about learning the language one day (no matter how hard it is).

4 I LOVE all types of Latino music and dancing, especially salsa. One of my big dreams is to dance at salsa/samba street parties somewhere in South America. 5 My whole life I’ve been completely in love with elves. And fairies. And everything related to fantasy and magic for that matter. I find that there’s is something so incredible about the calmness, harmony and wisdom of elves. Almost as if they are representing the ideal version of the human. I usually cry a little when I watch Lord of the rings and there is an elf-scene. Like this one (link). Galadriel is my role model. 6 The only pets I’ve ever had is a hamster and a fish. In the end I couldn’t keep the hamster since it made too much noise in the night, and to be honest I really hated the fish (it was one of those who kill their fellow fish friends).

7 I’ve heard a trillion times that I look like Emma Stone (Not in photos at all, but more in real life). Which is great, obviously. Emma is awesome and one of my favorite actresses. Sometimes it can even be a bit creepy though. There was a period when I actually heard several times per week that we look alike, and people would come up to me on the streets just to mention it. I think it’s especially when I smile, laugh, or speak with a rusty American accent. 8 Which leads me to – accents. I tend to change my accent very easily, which is both a positive and negative trait. I usually have a British accent when I speak English, but from time to time I also speak Australian and American. It really depends who I speak to. If I would have a conversation in English with a person from Russia for example, I would most likely get a hint of a Russian accent. I think this confuses people. 9 I’ve always had a lot of problems with my eyes. They are extremely dry, to the point where I recently had to stop using contact lenses. So nowadays I actually always wear glasses. Luckily I found my camel-colored pair from Ace & Tate, real life savors.

10 I don’t watch scary movies or thrillers. Ever. I’ve probably seen around three “scary movies” in my entire life, and that was more than enough. Even parodies of scary movies scare the hell out of me. Especially when they include zombies. I once watched the parody of Dawn of the dead, called “Shawn of the dead”, and had terrible nightmares for about a year. 11 My only sibling is my big sister Olivia, who is three years older than me. She’s one of my best friends and I think no one knows me better than she does. I’m so incredibly grateful to have her in my life. 12 When growing up, my biggest joy was drawing and painting (No surprise, since most of my family were artists at some point). I used to sit by the kitchen table at my dad’s place everyday, just drawing for hours and hours. It was a form of meditation, just as it is nowadays when I paint.

13 Sometimes I like doing Jane Fonda’s 80’s aerobics workout at home. This is something I did all the time with my mum and sister when growing up, and I still know all the moves. They all have perms, wear leopard printed bathing suits, head bands and pastel leg warmers. It’s awesome, and looks something like this (link). 14 Listening to One Direction makes me happy. 15 I’m very sensitive and easily affected by most things. Too much of anything, and it shows straight away. I can’t handle when it’s too cold outside, nor when it’s really warm. Same with food which is too spicy, cold or heavy. I’m also extremely sensitive to caffeine, which is why I stopped drinking coffee completely. Now I only drink tea, but usually not after 3pm. Otherwise I can’t sleep. This is why some of my friends call me Granny.

Like all humans, I have my own little facts that make up to who I am and what my life is like behind the facade. Those things are what makes us different, and also makes us connect to each other. Things that you probably won’t learn by just following me on instagram, but by actually getting to know me as a person.

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