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Well, not quite so alone. To begin with, I got to borrow my friend's summer house on a small island in the archipelago of Gothenburg. After staying there for two nights by myself, Colin came to visit me spontaneously and we spent a few days hanging out, going for swims, excursions up the hill and around the whole island (which didn't take very long), cooking food and having long evening talks by the fire.

We had our differences when it came to many things which I won't get into, and perhaps I could've just sent him away. But I believe an important thing in life is to always try to see other people's perspective on things, try to understand why they may have different values and opinions than yourself, to really listen and see it as an opportunity to share your own views of the world. Sometimes you just have to see a situation for what is is and think about how you can make the most out of it. So I let him stay. Which ended up being more rewarding than not, and strangely some kind of friendship grew out of it. We both really enjoyed these few days on the island and one of the most beautiful settings I could ever imagine. Gothenburg has so many hidden gems and I'm so happy I can call this place my home.


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