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Fun fact: My French ancestors used to be pirates. Way back. This way they got pretty wealthy and at some point they had a cherry farm where they created Kirsh de Fougerolles, a type of strong liquor which ended up getting quite famous. Then they lent all their money to Napoleon and didn't get a single penny back. Quel connard.

Not sure how accurate this is exactly, but let's at least say that the pirate part is true.

When I arrived in Aix it felt a little like diving in to a cliché romantic comedy about people who decide to enjoy all good things in life. You know how I love clichés.

I've been on some kind of high since I came here, which is now more than two months ago. Time flies by at an unreasonably fast pace here, and I'm trying to accept that it's a fact I can do nothing about. It is this way for a reason, and the reason is that I'm having a lot of fun. Actually, I'd recommend to anyone to study a language abroad at least once in a lifetime, since it can be such a unique experience filled with adventure, learning and a sense of unity.

Me and Sebastian, a friend from home, are renting the loveliest little apartment right in the heart of Aix en Provence.

Aix is, as you might have guessed, located in the beautiful region Provence in the south of France. A small and picturesque student town packed with romantic restaurants and cafés, markets full of fresh fruit and veggies, fountains and statues in every corner. I love getting lost over and over again in the narrow alleyways and constantly discovering new favourite spots.

Of course most things in life have downsides and I won't claim that my time here is flawless, but it's not too hard to deal with. I'm struggling to find alone-time, the mosquitos are evil and stubborn, south France is expensive as hell and a part of me kind of misses living in the countryside. But besides that, all is very well.

I've been going through a slightly stressful few weeks but I hope to find time to share more stories from now on.

Hope you're doing well dearies,



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