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I was lucky enough to find a French course that was quite focused on us not just learning the language but also experiencing the culture of France. So during our four months we did a few excursions with the class, and one of them was that we got to spend a week in Nice.

One of the first things I noticed when we arrived, was how much I had missed the ocean. The fact that I grew up in a coastal city has really set its roots in me, and after studying away from the coast for a while it felt like I could breath again. There's just something so special about seeing the horizon.

Nice was pretty much everything I expected it to be. The lovely weather, the beautiful seaside, the soft wind bringing a scent of flowers and lemon and butter. People driving by in their vespas, rollerblading along the riviera or walking deep in conversation through the narrow alleyways, gesticulating as if there was no tomorrow.

We strolled around the town endlessly, visited art museums, got a boat tour where we saw houses worth billions, went hunting for vintage stores, learned the process of making olive oil, had lots of moules frites and ice cream, went out dancing and spoke somewhat understandable French with strangers (it sounded great in our own ears after a few glasses of wine), admired all the quaint buildings and vibrant streets packed with restaurants and what not, and last but not least, spent lots of time throwing ourselves into the ocean and sunbathing on the stony beaches.

Nice was probably one of my very favourite places I visited during my time in Provence and I'd love to go back to see what more the town has to offer.


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