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Last week me and my friend Calle took his car and did a little day-trip to the Nordic Akvarell (water colour) museum, about an hour outside of Gothenburg. I've been wanting to visit this place for so long so I was pretty excited, even though the forecast wasn't looking too promising (as pretty much every day here in the north).

After we'd been to the museum we drove a little further and then walked around in a lovely little old fishing town, admiring all the red and white wooden houses and the direct view of the ocean from every corner. And as we stood on the cliffs, the sunset was piercing strong just below a thick layer of dark grey clouds, heavy rain started falling from the sky and from the water, a perfectly shaped rainbow arose and landed in a curve right in the middle of the village. It didn't matter that I was soaking wet and freezing cold. Nothing can deliver perfect moments as well as nature, I tell ya'.

I'm not quite used to shooting in such dramatic weather and the lens got a bit blurred from the constant raining, so this series turned out a bit funny and unsharp. But anyhow I'm so thankful for little memories like this, almost a bit surreal and so beautiful.


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